Saturday, August 13, 2005


Thanks Barbette for the H/T to Sgt. B's posting.

Sgt. B (The Gun Line):
So there you are, just another ground pounder walking the dusty streets of Basra on a civil patrol, not really looking for the bad guys, just making sure everything is calm.

It's oppressively hot, and you feel the sweat dripping down your spine beneath your Interceptor body armor. The sun beats down on your kevlar helmet, and a thought flits through your memory that this is kinda like last summer's football camp, between your junior and senior year in high school, when it was so damned hot, but the coach made you practice anyway. As your eyes flit over your surroundings, you wonder whatever happened to that pretty girl that used to work at the internet cafe just down the-


Half-remembered sounds, and a miasma of blurred images is all you remember.

Be sure to go read the rest.

The Gun Line: VALOUR-IT

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