Thursday, August 04, 2005

This Sounds Like a Sad Tragedy - Iraq veteran arrested in killing

I wish alot of things. But when I read about a story like this I wish this young man had family or a friend to talk to with a common experience. What he is talking about doesn't sound unusual with a young person returned from war or for that matter a soldier of any age. I know there are good and bad VA Hospitals out there but for this to be August and Sepi returned in May to be still waiting for assistance with PTSD is a darn shame.

I know it's hard to judge who would be at fault (Sepi, VA, Military...) based on one article. I've heard enough situations from some of my soldiers and soldier friends that this situation(not the shooting and subsequent death) is not out of the realm of believability. Especially with someone who is twenty years old. Very sad. -- News: Iraq veteran arrested in killing

H/T: Lucianne.

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