Monday, August 29, 2005

Settling In

I won't really get settled in til my 'stuff' gets here and then I guess the fun will really begin. For starters I don't intend to unpack the majority of my things since I'll either be building a new house by Spring or buying another place. I love the property I purchased in TN but the house has a lot to be desired. I've already done the bit of bit of buying a house, gutting it and renovating it. Playing General Contractor saves alot of money but good grief it's a ton of work and that's why they make the money they do. I also found that I spent enough money to build a new home to my design and spec's. Plus, it took over 2 years of my life and I mean absorbed that 2 years. Between work and the renovation that's all I did. My computer was under plastic for 8 months. So, if building on this property isn't feasible I'll move on. I might keep the property for rental purposes and because the property could be a great investment due to location.

But at least today I got a microwave. It's the small things ok? My butt gets sore sitting on the floor when using my computer since there's no desk or table here. I also got things put away including my vehicle just in case the "storm" hits with 50 or 70 mph winds. I don't have a garage but do have a big out building or what I would call a pole barn. But the doors aren't exactly conducive to using it as a garage. I heard on the radio today that there are some schools in the Franklin area which have already cancelled school for tomorrow. I have no clue if this is overkill or not, so I won't make fun of them yet. I am listening online to my favorite radio program Hugh Hewitt via my dial up connection of 37 bps. I never thought it would work but hey it sounds good.

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