Friday, August 19, 2005

Self Portrait Friday - What Stresses You Out?

I don't know how Katy continues to come up with her ideas for SPF, she's the IDEA person! Since last week was what relaxes you, this week it's what stresses you. The current stress for me is packing up my house which also means I'll be away from SPF for a couple weeks I'm sure. I'm having movers load, move and unload my stuff, so I'll be in TN to meet the movers hopefully mid-week before Labor Day. Then I have to come back to MN, work a day, go to my Parents for their actual wedding anniversary day, go back to Mpls, work a couple days and finally drive back to TN to stay. So, my life will be what? In transition. This across state move is a new one for me so I'm guessing I'll be missing all sorts of details which will eventually work themselves out and hopefully will do so without too much of a PITA situation. This is all so much fun, I actually have tried each day to just keep a smile on my face since this helps to keep me upbeat. Turn on the music and just bebop around packing boxes. Yesterday I lost the smile when I was taking this yard thingy apart and I got a really nice wood sliver stuck halfway under one of my fingernails. Youch...that hurt! Couldn't even swear a few since the nephew was there. Anyway, here's my stress mess.
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