Friday, August 12, 2005

Self Portrait Friday - Relaxing!

For this SPF I'm doing it a bit different due to the theme. I'm in a transition so my usual methods for relaxation are changing. For summertime, I love boating and the water and just like to sit outside listening to the sounds or having a nice 'little' fire. So, I looked in my archive of pictures for today.

There's nothing like a nice day out on the lake, or getting home from work and taking the boat out for a little puttering around the lake. The white boat at the far dock was my first boat but after I almost took out my boat slip while a friend was standing on the dock with his one year old (ahem) I decided maybe a smaller boat would be a better fit for me and that's the little yellow Searay Cuddy.
Or I love to have a "little" recreational fire with friends or family. If I'm lucky my brother or nephew will bring their guitars and strum a few songs. Isn't my fire awesome!! My Dad was fretting big time once I lit the fire. I did have a water hose at hand. Luckily the water patrol and local police didn't notice. **grin**
Btw - click to enlarge the pictures.

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