Friday, August 05, 2005

Self Portrait Friday - Dinner Hour!

It's Katy's SPF and the theme for todays pictures is dinnertime.

Since I'm single, "The Dinner Hour" is generally pathetic for me. I usually don't eat much or go to any great trouble. But lately it's gotten even worse. The reason? My home has been on the market for 88 DAYS and I already bought another home in Tennessee (around the Franklin/Leipers Fork/Thompsons Station area), closed on that place the beginning of June. FINALLY - I got an offer I could accept and it came of course just as I drove up to the car ferry checkin 2 weekends ago. Nothing is easy. But all worked out and I've gotten through the inspection and inspection contingency phase so the buyer is happy. In getting ready to put the house on the market I actually started to go through my 'stuff' last fall. There's been innumerable trips to the city clean up days (dump) and to Goodwill. Plus I've had family, friends and neighbors over to take things. Then starting in February I packed and packed and decluttered the house. Now, at least I have a headstart on the moving comedy soon to begin.

I have 3 weeks before I move! I finally gave a heads up to my work this afternoon (notice kinda?). I'm what you would call a force of one at the small company where I work. It isn't like anyone knows how to do the magic I practice. heh heh. There's good and bad in that but it can't be helped. So, I'll be in and out of there for the next 5 weeks probably. I'll have to do a turn around trip anyway to pick up house plants etc so I figured I may as well stay employed for a few more days and it helps my employer out at the same time.

The big question is why am I moving? All of my family lives in Minnesota. Same with my friends. I got vewwy vewwy tired of the longggg cold winter. In driving around to check out different states I landed on Tennessee which has all 4 seasons plus there's a pretty decent tax climate there (even if they don't think so). No state income tax and property taxes are a third of what they are in Minnesota. I got a lot of property for a pretty decent price ( I wouldn't call it cheap but it wasn't expensive). Just finished meeting with the moving coordinator and hopefully that will work out, the owner is an acquaintance of my brother in law and has a good rep. I'm sure I'll have more to say as time goes on, hopefully I'll stay sane through this adventure.

Here's my SPF Dinner pictures. Yes, I'm a popsicle addict. I love popsicles and frozen fruit bars from Schwans. But I stopped to pick up some Granny Smith apples on my way home so I could have my other favorite snack.....sliced apples with havarti dill cheese. Isn't that everyone's favorite snack food? **grin**

Of course if I'm having a popsicle, then the Spreadsheet Expert wants one too:

Note:Click on pics for larger photo.

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