Sunday, August 21, 2005

Politics, War, Military, Economics and Mainstream America

Last night I had a little fire (and yes this time it was a 'little' fire) mostly to burn some scrap wood and alot of paper from cleaning things out for my move. I invited a couple of my neighbors over to have a nice little gathering before I moved on. I have to admit I was the one who opened Pandora's box this time although it was inadvertant. We had been talking about fireworks and I mentioned the amazing pyrogenics from the video "Attack on Ammo Dump in Iraq" (see sidebar for link to my video site). My friend and realtor Ginny is the only Conservative in the group although her hubby is somewhat Conservative but he hates any talk of politics so he left soon after the talk began.

These are not left wing nutcases ala Michael Moore just to be clear. One of the people was the son of my next door neighbors who was visiting from San Francisco along with his GF whose from the Philippines (I think). Most of these people get their information from: Network news, Star Tribune or CNN.

Here's a sampling of the opinions held and I will admit to having a wine or two so I'm sure there's a few missed.

  • President George W. Bush will be known in history as the worst President EVER. William Jefferson Clinton will be known as the best President EVER.
  • George W. Bush is stoopid and unintelligent.
  • The Iraq War has no connection whatsoever to Islamofascistic Terror. (ok, I labeled that one cause that term would never come out of any of their mouths).
  • CNN is the best news outlet. FOX News Lies and is nothing but a bunch of neo-cons.
  • Muslims in the Middle East aren't capable of having a democracy. I debated the point of freedom and liberty but that was rejected.
  • China is not capable of having any kind of free and open government. It's not in their nature! (note: regarding this view of Middle Eastern Muslims and China this view came from the son who is from S.F. and is also Black. That is what I found to be incredulous and he never saw the irony in his statements).
  • Cindy Sheehan should be able to talk with the President at any time she would like since it's President George W. Bush's fault her son is dead. Her son was coerced to re-enlist and never knew he'd end up back in Iraq.
  • Bill Gates is evil and greedy.
  • Did I mention Bill Gates is evil and greedy?
  • The wealthy never create jobs and income isn't earned. Capitalists are evil. Unions are good.
  • The Iraq War is all about Oil and that's why oil/gas prices are so high.
  • It's a lie that MN's unemployment rate is under 4%.
  • The Kelo decision (they didn't call it that, it was referred to as the emminent domain ruling) was the fault of President George W. Bush and the conservative judges on the Supreme Court. Even after this was refuted the belief was this was still Bush's fault.
  • All military members come from poor families. There is only a very small minority from middle to upper income level families.
  • The US shouldn't be sending any of our miltiary to the Middle East and this war is a failure. When asked about Bosnia and how long the US has had troops there, that was a different situation.
  • Former President Clinton didn't really do anything wrong except for screwing around in the White House.

So, are you getting the gist of the effect of disinformation has on regular folks in middle America? I am sometimes so in my own little world of getting my news information from the internet that I forget the majority of people will always only get one side of the story and that's good enough for them. I'm ok in counteracting economic misinformation but get me on the subject of the war and military and I lose my temper with people who have no clue what is happening there. My friend Ginny has the patience of Jobe when it comes to this. All in all, none of it matters though. There were no minds changed nor the possiblity of thinking the MSM are not getting both sides of a story presented.

It was a perfect evening with a full moon, no breeze and the temp was cool. Like an ealy fall evening. Too bad it was marred by the political discussion. Here's a couple pics I tried to take on a time delay. I've now discovered how still everyone has to be for the picture not to be blurred at all.

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