Friday, August 05, 2005

Ollie's Advice to UN Amb. John Bolton

This must be an expansion on Ollie's last bit of advice to Amb. Bolton. Ollie offers tips on all of the most often heard about areas of the UN like the Human Rights Commission, IAEA and the UNSC. The start of his post is on target:
First, look under every rock. The corruption at the U.N. didn't begin with the Oil for Food scandal and it certainly doesn't end there. The United Nations is nothing more than bureaucracy piled atop waste, wrapped in fraud, covered with abuse -- all of it funded by American taxpayers who foot 22 percent of U.N. dues -- more than any other nation. We also pour billions of dollars more into the coffers of its related agencies.

And he ends with a bit of humor:
Finally, John, try to bring a little humor to the place. U.N. bureaucrats are the most uptight, self-righteous group of pompous, incompetent airheads to gather in one place since Jimmy Carter's last Cabinet meeting. Before your first meeting in the Security Council, go over and say hello to the French ambassador and, just before he sits down, slip a whoopee cushion on his chair.

The Chinese communists secretly love that kind of humor. The Brits will be appalled at the flatulent nature of the joke, but will endorse the target. If anyone complains, tell 'em it's U.S. retaliation for Jacques Chirac slobbering all over the first lady during her last visit to France.

Oh, and one more thing. When speaking with Kofi and his cronies, try to avoid using words like "sovereignty," "national security" or "integrity." You can tell by the corneal glaze-over -- those words only confuse him.

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: Advice for Ambassador Bolton by Oliver North

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