Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mark Yost Vindicated. Knight-Ridder Indicted!

I think this is one of the better take downs on Mark Yost's behalf that I've read. Just in case you aren't aware of the circumstances....Mark (he's an editor for the St. Paul Pioneer Press) wrote a column saying the MSM reporting on Iraq was lacking.

Mary Katherine Ham on Mark Yost's column:

Odd, that’s almost exactly what Yost said. His column was called, “Why They Hate Us,” in reference to those servicemen and women who feel they’re unfairly represented by the press corps. The media’s response to “Why They Hate Us” offers many new lessons in that same vein, if the media is willing to listen. Here are the Six Golden Rules I gleaned from it.

BTW - Yost is a Navy veteran. Gee, ya think maybe that's why there's such a firestorm around his column?

Mary Katharine Ham: Yost, a Navy veteran himself, was getting a jarringly different picture of the war from friends returning from combat than he was seeing in the pages of his own paper.

Here Mrs. Greyhawk was gracious enough to link this posting in her Dawn Patrol and I forgot to note the link to Mudville's Open Post. Which reminds me to thank Mrs. G for her Dawn Patrol. This is a tremendous commitment she has made to all of us in accumulating a list of current postings and articles on a daily basis.

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