Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Man Who Started The Beef Jerky Wars Quits!!

Yup - the maker of the Sizzle List, the man who put together the Golden Rules of Care Packages, the man who started the Beef Jerky War is quitting. I thought it was only fitting that he be exposed as the poser he has turned out to be! It's shameful I tell you. Shameful.

He set up all of his blog readers to stick with him and be loyal and then what does he do?
Well, everyone, I've got BIG NEWS. Sit down. Take a breath. Breeeaaathe. Yep, this is BIG. BIGGER even than the season finale of 'I wanna be a Hilton'. What the hell happened to Network TV while I was gone anyway?? Who the hell would wanna be a stupid nose-picking jillionaire who thinks Buffalo Wings are made from Buffaloes. Ahhh, shut up, I know that's Jessica. The show should be called "I Wanna Be An No Talent Moron who does nothing and gets Paid to look stupid". But I digress...I will be shutting down The National Guard Experience indefinitely. Yeah, you're reading this right. Kaput. Finito. B-bye. Writing a daily blog is too much of an ordeal. It's a beeotch. Logging in, writing, pressing the Publish button, then reading comments from some crackheads who have nothing better to do than listen to my self-absorbed chit-chat about meaningless things. I was the shizzle of Milbloggers.

What can I say but I warned him I had this photo and would use it in dire circumstances, well those circumstances are here! Here he even went and set up another blog called Hoohah along with email notifications for updates. So, now he tells us he will be writing a weekly column for Operation Truth - HA! He wouldn't know the truth if it slapped him in the kisser.

BTW , best wishes and good luck to you JP. You get what you give, right JP. You provided alot of fun to many while it lasted with your sarcastic and biting sense of the droll. Take care of Goofy now.

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