Monday, August 08, 2005

It Never Ends....Winter Soldier To Be Rereleased

Will John Kerry ever go away?? Apparently the loonies of the 60's and 70's refuse to let go. This 95 minute movie will be released. Here's how the NYT's refers to it:
Like a live hand grenade brought home from a distant battlefield, the 34-year-old antiwar documentary "Winter Soldier" has been handled for decades as if it could explode at any moment.

Now, the 95-minute film - which has circulated like 16-millimeter samizdat on college campuses for decades but has never been accessible to a wide audience - is about to get its first significant theatrical release in the United States, beginning on Friday at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. (Other bookings, including Chicago, Detroit, Hartford and Minneapolis, can be found at

Its distributors say that the war in Iraq has made the Vietnam-era film as powerful as when it was new, and its filmmakers are calling it eerily prescient of national embarrassments like the torture at Abu Ghraib.

So, do you get it now? It's to emphasize the "torture" at Abu Ghraib. The NYT's can't seem to find any space to write about the Air American scandal of ripping off tax dollars from a non-profit helping "The Children" and Alzheimer patients but tell them about something that might bring Abu Ghraib back into the headlines and whoopee here we go again.

Film Echoes the Present in Atrocities of the Past - New York Times
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