Monday, August 22, 2005

Hollywood's Jihad Against Republicans

What an outstanding article, I almost felt a dejavu moment from Saturday night in reading his story.

I’m a Republican. A heretofore secret Hollywood Republican. I know men and women who are heavy drug addicts and they have no problem finding employment in Hollywood. I know men and women who are gambling addicts and they work pretty regularly. There’s even a director who was arrested for child molestation and yet was hired by Disney — yes, Disney — to helm a picture, and people defended this decision by saying even child molesters have a right to work. I would bet my bottom dollar that all these people are on the correct side of the political
spectrum. They are liberal democrats.

<....>It is, I kid you not, a badge of honor in Hollywood to hate America. These airheads who have amassed millions through the free market economy constantly spout nonsense about the need for a Scandinavian style socialist government. They don’t even know that the Scandinavian countries are economic basket cases. I’m not making this up. They actually cruise Sunset Strip in their Bentleys and accuse Republicans of being greedy.

<....>In fact, these Hollywood executives do not deal in or care about truth. Did I mention that they are all active Democrats who consider Republicans war mongers, racists, homophobes and just plain evil idiots? > News > View Article

H/T Lucianne.

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