Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Had You Heard About This Mexican Fraud Ring?

The breath and depth of this organization is staggering.

The ICE probe targeted operations in Los Angeles; New York; Chicago; Atlanta; Miami; Dallas; San Antonio; Las Vegas; Albuquerque; Denver; Lincoln, Neb.; and Des Moines, Iowa.
Mr. Boyd said Castorena family leaders charged a "rent" or "franchise" fee of as much as $15,000 per month for cell leaders to operate in the United States -- making millions in return. He said the organization moved its illicit profits through three primary methods: wire transfers, bulk shipments of cash and checks, and couriers who transported U.S. currency across the border and between U.S. cities.
Phony documents supplied by the family, authorities said, have been linked to more than 400 federal investigations and to document seizures in more than 50 cities in 33 states.

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Mexican accused of leading document-fraud ring-Nation/Politics-The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

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