Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Feeling Frustrated? Sign Out An Activist From The Library

This is out of Sweden....go figure. Can these countries get any loonier? I should add that if this were say someplace like San Francisco it wouldn't surprise me either.
IF you're one of those people who thinks all lesbians are sexually frustrated or all animal rights activists aggressive, then a Swedish library project that allows you to "borrow" a human being rather than a book may provide some useful insight.

The Living Library project will enable people to come face-to-face with their prejudices in the hopes of altering their preconceived notions, Ulla Brohed of the Malmoe Library in southern Sweden said. "You sometimes hear people's prejudices and you realise that they are just uninformed," she said.

This weekend, nine people, including a homosexual, an imam, a journalist, a Muslim woman and a gypsy, will be available at the Malmoe Library for members of the public to "borrow" for a 45 minute conversation in the library's outdoor cafe.

"Maybe not all journalists are know-it-all and sensationalist, just unafraid and curious. Maybe not all animal rights activists are angry and intolerant, but intelligent and committed," she said.

The nine "items" on loan were not hard to find, Ms Brohed said, but admitted they would be paid "a small sum" for their efforts.

If the project is a success, the Malmoe Library may run it again later this year.

Library launches 'borrow a person' World Breaking News Breaking News 24/7 - (17-08-2005)

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