Wednesday, August 17, 2005

FBI "Whistleblower" To Join Ms. Sheehan in Crawford

Well - isn't this interesting. The whistleblower with no agenda against the Bush Administration is joining the left wing anti-war activists in Crawford, TX. Gee, couldn't be cause she's running for Congress now could it? Colleen Rowley is running against Rep. John Kline (Lt. Col. USMC retired) in 2006. This should be interesting since Rep. Kline has a pretty solid standing in his district which includes the the southern suburbs of the Twin Cities. Rowleys antics might go over real well if she were running in one of the core cities but she's not!

Rowley, now a Democratic candidate for Congress, and Sen. Becky Lourey will join a protest initiated by Cindy Sheehan, whose own son died in Iraq last year. Sheehan started the vigil Aug. 6, coinciding with Bush's summer vacation. She has said she won't leave until the president meets with her.

Rowley said Tuesday that she and Lourey would leave Thursday and stay at least through Sunday, sleeping in a tent at the site. They are paying their own way, she said.

<...>Rowley, a former special agent in the FBI's Minneapolis office, gained fame in 2002 for her criticism of FBI leadership. She said officials failed to act on information that cast suspicion on some Sept. 11 hijackers in the months before they carried out their attacks, and was later named one of Time magazine's people of the year for her efforts.

Now challenging incumbent U.S. Rep. John Kline, a Republican, Rowley has emerged as a harsh critic of the war in Iraq.

This woman is nothing but a media whore. I have absolutely no respect for her whatsoever.

Rowley, Lourey to join demonstration at Bush ranch

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