Friday, August 05, 2005

FBI Searches Louisiana Congressman's Homes

Hmmm. This is sorta interesting. Course that would be Democrat Rep. William J. Jefferson.

Here's something else:
A source familiar with the case said the investigation had no connection to the inquiry into Jefferson's brother-in-law, Alan Green, a former state judge.

Green was convicted recently of mail fraud in a bail bond corruption case in suburban New Orleans. He was the 14th person convicted in that case, and he was accused of taking $20,000 in cash, rounds of golf and meals from a bail bondsman.

It's interesting to see what committees or associations Jefferson has:
Besides serving on the Ways and Means Committee, Jefferson serves as co-chairman of the Africa Trade and Investment Caucus as well as the Congressional Caucuses on Brazil and Nigeria.

He is also chairman of the Board of Directors for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit public policy research and educational institute, according to his Web site.

FBI Searches Louisiana Congressman's Homes

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