Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dr. Laura: Enlisted Kid's Mom

For as strident as Dr. Laura can be, her reaction and response to this announcement from her son was not a surprise.

Her only child, Deryk Schlessinger, dropped by her studio a few months ago to tell her that he was joining the Army and that he planned to try for Special Forces.

<...> When her son announced his plans, Dr. Laura instantly replied, "That is a brilliant choice."

She meant it. "I brought my son up to be a warrior," Dr. Laura said in an interview with the LA Daily News. "I think what he's doing is so important, and so noble, that I'm willing to face what I need to face. I'm so proud to have produced someone with such character -- willing to put his life on the line.”

Jacey Eckhart: Enlisted Kid's Mom

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