Wednesday, August 24, 2005

DHS Disavows Responsibility for Illegal Immigrant

Here's the deal: This Jimmy is an illegal immigrant and has a number of debilitating illnesses due to alcohol abuse. He's been deported 3 times previously and is 59 years old. The nursing home has contacted almost everyone from the Border Patrol to Homeland Security to Congressional Reps to the Mexican Consular. No one will do anything. The nursing home can't get paid.

Just why isn't this the responsiblity of the Department of Homeland Security? I read about this kind of story all the time. Someone calls the Border Patrol who refers them to the Department of Homeland Security who says: "Not our problem!". Well, then just what is the responsibility of DHS? I'd sure like to know because it doesn't sound to me like they do anything about illegal immigrants caught by citizens within our borders. No wonder no local police are willing to do anything about illegals. If they call DHS they will get blown off by them.

"In January, we found out his Medicaid numbers were no good. It took us until February for Social Security to tell us he was an illegal immigrant and had been deported three times. They told us unless he was a naturalized citizen, we wouldn't get paid," she said.

They recommended Scotch call the Homeland Security Department to figure out his immigration status, she said.

"I called them. I couldn't get an answer. The question was put to me: Is he a threat to national security? I said no. She said, 'I can't help you and I can't tell you where to go,'" Scotch recalled.

She has also called, among others, the U.S. Border Patrol, the Mexican consulates in Laredo and Eagle Pass, the staff of various elected officials, Real County Indigent Services and two state agencies, the Department of Aging and Disability Services and Adult Protective Services.

Calls by a reporter to the different welfare agencies confirm that Gallegos apparently falls through all the bureaucratic cracks: No agency provides long-term funding for an undocumented immigrant living at a nursing home.

My next question is why would anyone think this was a taxpayer problem to support an illegal immigrant at a nursing home?

**sigh** Metro State

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