Friday, August 19, 2005

Company of Heroes - Greg Palkot of Fox News

I have to hand it to Fox News. Apparently somebody is doing a search to find any blogs which had posted about the "Company of Heroes" special from last Saturday night. I got this in my email last night:

Gaffney, Brian
10:18 pm

I am the executive producer of the "Company of Heroes" program that ran last week on Fox News Channel.I am writing to thank you on behalf of Greg Palkot, Jon Scott and the rest of our team for the kind words you wrote about our documentary.We received an overwhelmingly favorable response from viewers who watched. Many asked us to repeat it. So we're re-running the program on Sunday, September 4 at 8p eastern.Thought you would like to know.
Brian Gaffney
Executive Producer - DocumentariesFox News Channel

So, here's your chance to catch this documentary if you missed it.

Originally posted August 14, 2005.
Anybody see the 2 hour followup special by Palkot to the Nov. battle of Fallujah? After packing all day I kinda collapsed on the couch and watched the special. He really did do a great job of focusing on the heroics and character of the Marines including Captain Brian Chontosh and India Company. If it's replayed take the time to watch. I have not really been a fan of Palkot due to some of the statements he's made about the war and politics in general. But after watching this special I developed a new respect for Palkot and his camera person. They were in the thick of it with India Company. - FOX Fan - Reporter's Notebook: Company of Heroes
Linked to Mudville Gazette on 8/20 Open Posting.

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