Sunday, August 07, 2005

CJ Answers Questions for Mother of Soldier Who Died in Iraq

CJ writes a compassionate yet blunt answer to a Mother whose Soldier Son died in Iraq. Mrs. Sheehan blames President Bush instead of the terrorist for his death.

The Questions:
From reading the article, I gathered that there are at least two questions that you demand answers to: Why did [President Bush] kill your son? What did he die for?

A Soldier's Perspective

Update - August 9th: Notr at Rofasix has his own version of a letter to Mrs. Sheehan. It's interesting since CJ wrote his letter there's been a stream of additional information which has come out on Mrs. Sheehan. Looks like she has a talent for fiction and exaggeration and is not beyond using the death of her son to promote herself and her anti-war/hate Bush agenda. I think this woman has gone to side of the Michael Moore-ons in making a buck off of the blood of Soldiers. Sounds harsh but I believe it's true.
What your son died for Ms. Sheehan

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