Saturday, August 27, 2005

Bleary Eyed But Arrived

I'm at my new home after a nice long day of driving. Nothing like a little cruise of 940 miles in a day. Got my vehicle partially unloaded, you know the important stuff like the Spreadsheet Expert and of course my computer. A big oops on telephone jacks!! One, yes that's a big ONE jack in the place. Using the dial up came up at 34 something bps. And no DSL til April of 2006. Oy!

And a big thank you to Notr for the encouraging words of the pending rain dump on the way via the current hurricane coming in from the gulf. Course, Notr if Franklin gets dumped on so does Huntsville. Just as long as it's over before the 2nd which is when my 'stuff' is supposed to be delivered. So far, I think I got awesome movers. They arrived early on Thursday. Just super people, it's a husband and wife team. I am so glad I decided to have my stuff loaded and moved by professionals. I don't think I would have survived the week if I would have been responsible for loading and/or moving the stuff. I'm just amazed everything so far has gone so smoothly. Mustang, yup, I'm trailing right behind you.

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