Saturday, July 09, 2005


Dateline - June 30th: How about showing your true patriotism for the July 4th Holiday!
Throughout the last couple of days I have been thinking about the helicopter going down in Afghanistan. Yesterday Matt at Froggy Ruminations said it was Special Forces with at least one SEAL Team, the cost to our country and their families is almost too much to bear. I listened to Hugh Hewitt tonight and his preaching finally got through my sadness to stop thinking about how I felt and to start thinking about the families of these very special heroes. I have been a supporter in more than words for over 3 years now both by way of letters, care packages and donations. But due to my own personal situation I have not been doing the letters and packages for the last 3 months and I do miss it terribly. Mostly because I've been able to meet some of the neatest people of many ages who have made me a better person. I will soon be back to making new friends but in the meantime. Whatever funds I would have expended over the last 3 months I have now donated to the The United Warrior Survivor Foundation, Soldier's Angels, AnySoldier and The Wounded Warrior Backpack Project.

I've got a list of organizations where you can go to donate either your time or funds but DO something.
For the most recent casualties to help their families go to: The United Warrior Survivor Foundation

Soldier's Angels has literally been begging for volunteers and donations the last month.
The Wounded Warrior Project helps those who have been injured and disabled and has a great backpack program.
AnySoldier is a great place to find troops to adopt and write letters or send care packages.
The Fisher House Foundation provides housing for recovering troops and their families.
America Supports You - President Bush asked for you help for this program in his speech this week. How many of you responded?
Update from Erik on a MN Support Site which is a new for me. Operation Minnesota Nice.

There are many more but these are the groups in which I am familiar and have supported. I'm going to keep this posting at the top to remind anyone visiting that "Freedom Isn't Free"!

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