Tuesday, July 19, 2005

You Talk About Determination - Then Visit This Angel

Since I'm hospital allergic when I read this Open Post from Mudville Gazette of Holly's on her visits to the Minneapolis VA Hospital I was truly touched. Considering the type of patients this VA works with (Traumatic Brain Injury), it surely takes a special Angel Warrior to take on this endeavor.

I strongly urge you to go read Holly's story and give her a huge pat on the back.

Patients with brain injuries are more difficult to visit, because the extent of their injuries is not often obvious. I do not say this to deter you from going, but to warn you properly of what to expect. The patient's limitations are difficult to judge, such as ability to speak, read, recognize friends and family, follow the conversation and so on. Patients with obvious and severe damage to the head can often be more highly functioning than patients with no obvious injuries.

Is it difficult to visit a patient that can't talk? Depends on you I guess. How well can you have a one sided conversation? If you're married I'm guessing you've had years of experience..lol. If you can take 'huh' as an answer to continue you're good to go
Soldiers' Angel - Holly Aho - Visiting at the VA Hospital Again

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