Sunday, July 10, 2005

Who's Assessment Would You Choose?

All of the hand wringing over the cause of Islamic Fascistic Terror breaks down into two streams of thought. One is that it's poverty and the other is Islam. I forgot about the other reason which pretty much goes without saying - it's the West and Israel which is ludicrous

From Jordan's King Abdullah we hear the familiar refrain of poverty which I find to be asinine. Especially when you look at the riches available in Middle Eastern countries. Maybe it isn't poverty but tyrannical regimes which have caused the poverty?
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Jordan's King Abdullah said the world must tackle Arab frustration over poverty and perceived injustices in the Israeli-Palestinian and Iraqi conflicts if it is to stem militant violence.

From Tavleen Singh in the Indian Express: Breeding grounds for suicide bombers.

Tavleen without dancing around politically correct mumbo jumbo goes to the root of the terror creators.

The young men and women who are blowing themselves up are trained not by terrorist groups but by mullahs and Islamic seminaries and until we acknowledge this we cannot win the war against terrorism.

<....> Whenever these schools have been charged with breeding fanatics and suicide bombers they protest that all they do is teach the Koran. What can possibly be wrong with that? A great deal if we are politically incorrect enough to admit that teaching children only about Islam creates in them a sense of exclusivity. When a child is taught that there is nothing better or more important than Islam then by the time he becomes a teenager it is easy to persuade him to kill himself because Islam is in danger from infidel Westerners, hateful Jews and idol-worshipping Hindus.

<....>If the mullahs used the religious seminaries to teach love and peace and respect for other people and religions, Muslims would find it easier to live with the rest of the world. But, they teach jehad and bigotry and it is from these teachings that Islamic terrorism is born.


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