Friday, July 15, 2005

What I Found Outside My Door Yesterday Morning

Actually my super duper bird dog (The SpreadSheet Expert) with her sharply honed hunting skills found it under my grill. Click on the first picture to get a load of the size of these feet!

Actually, The Spreadsheet Expert is as you have guessed a really awful bird dog. I'm amazed she even noticed the baby bird.

This is a baby Green Heron. I have the Green Herons nesting in my spruce trees. The first spring I spent in this house I heard this screaming outside and thought it was a kid in trouble. I rushed out and looked, nobody was around but the screaming continued. Turned out it was mating season for the Green Herons. I'd never seen a Green Heron before. There's alot of Blue Herons and White Egrets but the Green Heron was a new one for me. They keep pretty well hidden, you don't see them flying around like the Blues or Whites. They also remind me of some sort of pre-historic bird. They're just odd looking.

What is striking about them (besides their mating screeching) is their gold beaks. My Dad had always called them Shietpokes or Slewpokes.
Found this about the Green Heron:
AKA: Little Green Heron, Shietpoke, Skeow
small, cryptically colored
sits with neck contracted
greenish black crown, white undersides streaked with white
18 inches long
iridescent green back
legs and beak yellow/green to orange

Hey - I'm not always about politics!! Well, usually I am but I thought this was too cute to pass up.

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