Sunday, July 17, 2005

USA is the world's ATM

Vassilaros hits a hot point for me and that is this continuing aid from the US Taxpayers to foreign countries. I have no issue with the aid going to Afghanistan or Iraq, I may have some concerns about the dispensation of the funds along with a lack of an audit trail. But I do believe the stabilization and establishment of freely elected governments is a good thing for the Middle East. Whatever form of democracy which evolves can only contribute to the safety of the U.S.

I do have an issue with aid to Africa especially to dictators where the U.S. is forgiving debt to only turn around and give more aid to those same dictators. I'm mortified the U.S. is giving funds to the Palestinians (and I'm still not sure here the what, how or where this occurs) since Hamas is nothing but a bunch of murdering terrorists who operate without impunity murdering Israeli citizens. On the other hand, I don't believe the U.S. should be expanding it's aid to Israel.

From Vassilaros:
President George W. Bush, being the compulsive spender he is, seems powerless to say no whenever others rattle their tin cups for alms for the poor and not-so-poor.

Prepare to give Israel $2.2 billion to finance the relocation of Jewish settlers and to double the $4 billion you are sending to Africa -- money that will not see the light of day when the tyrants lording over those miserable countries deposit it into their Swiss bank accounts.

America is the world's ATM. It has money for
withdrawals and funds to transfer for foreign countries stepping up to the
screen and pushing our buttons, especially the one for "yes" when asked if they
would like to make another transaction.

Mr. Bush has promised to increase the annual handout to the leaders of African nations to $8 billion by 2010 -- even though our republic is $8 trillion in debt. Is Bush hoping to make good on his pledge by writing hot checks?

USA is the world's ATM - Vassilaros
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