Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Not to Be Forgotten - Ted Kennedy's Responsibility for Mary Jo Kopechne's Death

I started out to post this on Monday, didn't quite make it but I think it's still a worthy post even a day late. If the details on the death of Mary Jo are fuzzy for you then reacquaint yourself with it again. I found out details I'd never heard before with this story.

Today, July 18th, 2005 is the 35th Anniversary of the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. You ask who is Mary Jo? Wonder why Oliver Stone hasn't done a movie on this whodoneit?

I'm trying to be careful here in not calling Ted Kennedy a murderer or cheater or liar, liar pants on fire. Because this is all allegedly something Ted did. Course that is because the state of Massachusetts is in the pocket of the renowned Kennedy Clan. Amazing how Ted Kennedy has the nerve to be calling into question anyone's integrity or honesty but then he's a "Kennedy" and the media has given him a pass on all counts. It's pretty darn sickening if you ask me. I think the media should be headlining this 35th Anniversary of Mary Jo's death just like they do with anything having to do with Richard Nixon. Course the media, that bastion of non-partison politics, would never be biased against Richard Nixon and pro Kennedy would they!

Just don't forget about this and don't ever this slip the minds of those who are too young to know or remember Ted's evil ways and the pass he got from everyone, which continues today.

What everyone testified at the time was that Kennedy and Mary Jo left the party before midnight. Kennedy said he was driving her back to the ferry to Edgartown, and took a wrong turn, though he was very familiar with the roads on the island. His car toppled off a narrow wooden-planked bridge, a bridge that is in the opposite direction to the road that led to the ferry but is on the way to the beach. The car landed upside-down in eight feet of water and, Kennedy claimed that after escaping, he tried unsuccessfully to rescue Mary Jo. He then staggered back to the party, called out his cousin Joe Gargan and his pal Paul Markham, to return to the scene. What he didn't do, inexplicably, was seek help in a lighted house only yards from the bridge or use the fire-alarm phone at a fire station he passed on the way back to the party.

Right from the start, the reporters who arrived at the scene were skeptical of his story, skeptical even of how he claimed he got back to Edgartown that night. Markham and Gargan said when they drove to the ferry landing — the ferry had stopped running by then — Kennedy took them by surprise by jumping in the water, and swimming across the channel towards Edgartown. They assumed, they said, he would report the accident that night to the police. Instead Kennedy went back to his hotel, ostensibly to change his clothes but instead, went downstairs to complain about a noisy party that was going on.

The next morning Markham and Gargan were waiting for Kennedy when he arrived at 9 A.M. on the first ferry. The ferry operator said Kennedy appeared to be in a jovial mood, but probably only until he was told that his car had been found. Only then did Kennedy return and report the accident.

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