Monday, July 11, 2005

If You Had The Choice of Israel or The Palestinian State to Live, Which Would You Choose?

From Daniel Pipes
It appears that Palestinian Arabs aren't so eager to move out of Israel. What a shocker! Not really, think about it, what would you rather live amongst. An Islamic tyranny run by terrorists or Israel. Well, the PLO had something to say about this:
To stop this Palestinian Arab rush for Israeli citizenship, the ranking Islamic official in Jerusalem issued an edict prohibiting it, and the Palestine Liberation Organization's agent in Jerusalem, Faisal al-Husseini, went further, calling this step "treason." This proved ineffective, so al-Husseini threatened that taking out Israeli citizenship would result in the confiscation of one's home.

Here's a sample of some comments from Palestinians living in Israel:
Israel's Interior Ministry duly reported a large increase in applications for citizenship and one city councilor, Roni Aloni, reported what he was hearing from Jerusalem Arabs: "we are not like Gaza or the West Bank. We hold Israeli IDs. We are used to a higher standard of living. Even if Israeli rule is not so good, it is still better than that of the PA." A doctor applying for Israeli papers explained, "we want to stay in Israel. At least here I can speak my mind freely without being dumped in prison, as well as having a chance to earn an honest day's wage."

Oh woe - where oh where is Rachel Corrie now? There's more on this oxymoronic situation of Palestinians trying to stay in Israel from Pipes.

Palestinians Who Cling to Israel by Daniel Pipes -- Capitalism Magazine

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