Monday, July 18, 2005

How Hot Is It?

In Minnesota the last week or so we have been in a heat wave. I think it got to 96 or 98 yesterday and finally a cold front came through last night for a few days of normal temps. I don't think MN has seen continuous temps like this since the late 80's when there was a 2 year drought. And I do vividly remember since the temps hit the low 100's for a number of days in a row and I had NO AC. I'd just purchased a small house on the lake (what lake there was at this point). But I was strapping for cash and had no fan nor AC. It was so hot.

Kevin really brings a new meaning to the words 'butt hot' out there!
Man was it hot. I think today was the hottest day we’ve had. I was drenched in sweat without my IBA and Kevlar so I knew I would be hurting. Everything you touched on the tank was hot. The barrel of your weapon was even hot. I had to wear gloves just to keep myself from burning my hands on the metal and barrel. I was standing up in the back of the tank and someone else had to pop their head up to see something. When they did, I was pushed back to where my rear end was pushed up against the metal of the track. It didn’t take me long to give the guy a big push to get me off the edge of the tank. I felt like I was a cow getting branded. It actually hurt. Good thing I’ve got a lot of padding back there to keep it from going real deep. I think it was like 133 degrees on the top of the tank and when the engine started, it got even hotter.
All I can say is "Ouch"!

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