Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hollywood to Glamorize Al Queda Terrorist Teenager

I guess Hollywood will never learn. Here's another stab at turning an Islamic Terrorist into a sympathic character. Just read this story and you will wonder if there is anyone left in that morass called Hollywood who understands the GWOT. Oh this poor little terrorist had such a had time at Gitmo. My heart just bleeds for him and of course let's have Johnny Depp play the sympathetic terrorist. Just revise history, Hollywood does a great job of that.

Here's some information which I'm sure won't be included in the movie:

So intimate were the ties between the Khadr family and bin Laden that in January of 2001—eight months before the 9-11 attacks--the Khadr’s attended the wedding of bin Laden’s son, Mohammed. In 1999, bin Laden had attended the wedding of Abdurahman’s sister Zaynab, an Islamic fundamentalist whose faith in bin Laden’s murderous vision remains unshaken. Little wonder that Abdurahman today describes his family as an “al-Qaeda family.”

Or this:

Bin-Laden, they insisted, loves children and is quite the family man. Zaynab stressed that “it was very important for him to sit with his kids every day at least for two hours in the morning after their morning prayer. They sit and read a book at least. It didn't have to be something religious. He loved poetry very much….” Indeed, they claim bin-Laden, far from a murderer, was the consummate family man: “He loved playing volleyball and loved horse riding. And he'd do it, I mean amongst people he was not Osama bin-Laden. He was just Osama, just a sheikh. And kids played around him. Kids would go shake his hand. He played volleyball with them or just horse race with them. Just, he was just a normal person.

See, just like Patty Murray (Sen (D) Wash) said, Osama just loves the children. Only probem is he also likes to behead and murder people, including other Muslims.

Or this:

Abdurahman also claims that Guantanamo detainees are mostly harmless: “80 percent of people that went to Afghanistan...They've had enough. If you put them back in their countries they won't do anything.” Abdurahman’s appeal on behalf of the prisoners is hardly disinterested. His 18-year-old brother Omar was captured in Afghanistan, July 27, 2002 after allegedly throwing a hand grenade which killed Sergeant 1st Class Christopher J. Speer, a U.S. medic.
<......> “I'm my father's son,” he explained in the CBC interview with Terrance McKenna. His father gave up the terrorist’s life only in October, 2003, when a gun battle with the Pakistani military ended it permanently. Of Sgt. Speer, Zaynab says, “…(Omar) killed an American soldier. Big deal.”

Oh yeah - this is a really sympathetic terrorist. Just remember this when this movie hits (if ever) the screen. Let's not let Hollywood get away with this lie!

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