Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Do You Swear on the Quran? You Knew This Had To Happen Sometime.

Thank you ACLU. This is the next wave for Islam in the U.S. The Left has such antipathy for Mormons or from the 1980's Born Again Christians due to their evangelizing. Why exactly is it that The Left doesn't have the same antipathy for Islam which is a more aggressive and restricting towards homosexuals and the role of women? I know many talk about "Moderate Islam or Moderate Muslims" but I just don't know if that truly exists or is it more of sham perpetuated on the gullible West. I think it's a sham.

Here's the newest method of attack on Christianity by the ACLU:
The legal foundation of the ACLU of North Carolina has called on the state Administrative Office of the Courts to adopt a policy allowing the Quran and other religious texts for oath-taking in North Carolina courtrooms.

They cite precedent from:
The ACLU of North Carolina says an 1856 state Supreme Court decision sets a clear precedent for oaths on the Quran. The court noted that North Carolina's oath-taking statutes were written for Christians but do not limit others from swearing in the way they deem most sacred, an attorney for the state ACLU said.
Winston-Salem Journal N.C. courts may ask legislators to decide Quran issue

Link from Lucianne.

You should also check out this interview at Stop The ACLU: Interview With A Former ACLU Lawyer

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