Saturday, July 09, 2005

Clinton Linking Energy Policy and Security For Democrats

Here's Bill's advice to the Democrats for the next election:

"We've got to make it a national security argument and we've got to make it a jobs argument and we've got to make the price of oil irrelevant," Clinton said, suggesting the country could create millions of jobs if alternative energy efforts received a fraction of the tax incentives that go to "old energy."

I think the Democrats first have to take US Security seriously instead of continually mimicing nonsense lines like: "We got to get it right". Huh? They then offer nothing but generalities lacking any substance for solutions. The Left are still believing this war is about oil. If it were all about Oil, President Bush would have never endeavored on this path in Iraq. It would have been much cheaper to pay Saddam for his oil (even if under the corrupt UN Oil For Food Program). I think they've missed that about turn from d'tente of the status quo and stability to freedom and liberty for the Mideastern Countries. The first path is for the short termers and bureauocrats, those who don't really care about anyone but themselves and how it will affect "ME". The other path is for those entrepeneurs in the world who take huge risks and when successful reap the rewards not only personally but publicly. In talking about rewards I'm not talking about monetary rewards, it's legacy rewards. How history will see President George W. Bush vs. President William J. Clinton.

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