Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Big Shocker - Double Standard for Hillary

Brent Bozell is exactly right in talking about the difference in treatment of the book by Edward Klein on Hillary Clinton and the book say by Kitty Kelly on Nancy Reagan. Although both books were based on anonymous sources Kelly's hack job on Nancy Reagan was endorsed and adored by the left wing MSM types. Yet there has been almost a total blackout on the Edward Klein book on Hillary.

I mean look at this:
Kelley's attacks on Nancy Reagan merited attention as news stories on the broadcast networks as well -- and with the same ambivalence toward journalistic accuracy or evidence. On April 24, 1991, Bryant Gumbel took to CNN's "Larry King Live" to give Kelley his personal seal of approval: "I'm one of those people who generally has liked Kitty's writing in the past. I know all of the research she does. I'm aware of the fact that for all the things she's written that are controversial, she has yet to lose a lawsuit … Kitty is a very brave woman." "Is the stuff in the book true or just vindictive tales?" asked CBS reporter Mark Phillips in his April 8, 1991, "CBS Evening News" report on the Kelley book. "Who knows? Who cares?"
As Brent further says:
And that's the point. When there are juicy stories about the personal lives of conservatives -- a convicted drug dealer accuses Dan Quayle of doing drugs; Anita Hill accuses Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment; George Bush 41 is accused of having an extramarital affair; Bush 43 is a coke head -- they merit immediate national news coverage. As to the authenticity of the charges, who knows? Who cares? But when the subject is Hillary, that cavalier attitude … disappears.
But, again, we all know there's no bias in the MSM is there.

Brent Bozell: Another double standard for Hillary

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