Friday, July 08, 2005

Ahhh. It's So Nice To Be Home Again

The Spreadsheet Expert and I returned home tonight and guess what I did right after unloading and putting things away (well kinda putting things away) and making a few calls and yakking with the neighbors? Yep, turned on MY computer and sat down. I can now truly appreciate what it's like for those of you who are deployed and have to use a public computer. It's just weird and I had limited time so I was mostly just responding to emails and getting a bit of info. I also snuck the Spreadsheet Expert in with me to the library. After the 4th visit I noticed a sign which said no pets allowed. LOL. I tucked her into this canvas shoulder bag I have and threw a knit jacket I had with me over her and no one ever knew she was there. Although there was one time where I thought she was going to start with this wheezing thing she goes through on occassion. But she stopped luckily. I brought her into restaurants and shops and grocery stores. She was so good I was amazed.

We had a great time though. I'm just a bit spacey so don't think I'll do much here. That's what driving a 1,000 miles in a day will do to you. I've got a fun wedding to go to tomorrow and hopefully I'll have a couple pics to post if the "Patriette" Bride will give me the go ahead. And I heard from one of my adopted soldiers who got married last fall and is having a wedding reception this month in Michigan. I decided to go meet he and his bride and family. It should be fun, there's a ferry that goes from Manitowoc, WI to Ludington, MI which I'm going to take. Aside from cutting out at least 4 hours of driving, sounds like an adventure. But he is such a sweetheart or rather his Mother in Law is a sweetheart. They invited me to stay at their home. Can you believe it?

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