Sunday, July 31, 2005

GoldFalcon Knows.....

This is an awesome, personal experience posting on his road to Conservatism. I am always amazed by people I read about on blogs. Then when someone put's themself out on a platter (like Brian just did), I realize what an easy time I have had in life. I may not always have thought this way but it's true. The truth of Brian is he refused to be a "Victim" for the Lefty Socialists of in the Democrat Party. His gratitude to the U.S. Army could be one of those stories you tell to teenage youth as a ray of hope.

Just go read his posting.

The Jump Blog - Why I Am A Conservative

Think About This - The British Bombers Needed No Visa To Enter U.S.

As a result of the Visa Waiver program the British Bombers could visit the U.S. with a valid passport and no Visa. This is from Andrew Cochran. Andrew also says:
<....>every year thousands of passports from countries that participate in the Visa Waiver Program are stolen or are reported missing.
And think about this:
<....>The visa application can provide special agents conducting an investigation of a criminal or terrorist alien with a wealth of information. I often would attempt to secure these applications during the course of conducting investigations when I worked for the former INS as a special agent. Finally, the law makes visa fraud a crime. When such fraud is committed in conjunction with drug trafficking the penalty can be as much as 20 years of incarceration. When the fraud is carried out in support of terrorism, the penalty increases to a maximum of 25 years in jail. However, when an alien enters the United States in conjunction with the Visa Waiver Program no such prosecution is possible. Often the easiest law violation to prosecute where terrorists and criminal are concerned are immigration law violations.

There are those who will say that the visa requirement creates an inconvenient situation for would-be tourists. Yet, our nation appears to not be concerned about inconveniencing American citizens within their own cities in the United States when we have our backpacks and briefcases searched by police officers.<...>

The Counterterrorism Blog: Michael Cutler: How Many British Bombers Might Have Come Here Without a Visa?

Saturday, July 30, 2005

ABSOLUTELY DoNot Go Look At These Pictures!

Course I'm sure those of you who are like me will do exactly that. Michelle Malkin had a link to this BERKELEY BARES ITS ALL which is along the lines of this posting I had back in October on more of the Berkeley Barenaked Buffoons but go to this link from ZombieTime to get more bizarro photos of the poor degenerates lacking a brain. There's lots of these types of photo's.

Here's a sanitized version of one picture of a transgendered moonbat. Eeeeeee. Oooooo. I'm totally and completely grossed out here.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Self Portrait Friday - Fav Tee

Here's my favorite Tee for Katy's SPF.
I recently got this tee to help JP feel the love! But, I'm not really a Mortar Maggot kind of girl so I think the little 5 yr. old nephew who loves all things Army will be getting this one.

But I do really like this Tee from Mrs. G at Mudville Gazette.
Free Image Hosting at
Both are thumbnails so click to enlarge.

Ollie's Tour of Duty for "Jihadist Jane"

As Ollie North says, his new moniker for Fonda of Jihadist Jane has a better ring than Hanoi Jane. He plans an itinerary for Jihadist Jane's new nationwide tour against the war in Iraq. In this one short commentary Ollie manages to include: Paul Wellstone, Penn. Lt. Gov Catherine Knoll, D-Day Museum, 4th ID, Teddy Kennedy, Dick Durbin, Chris Missick for a really packed itinerary.

Oliver North: Tours of "Duty"

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Reporter Finds U.S. Sniper in Iraq Who Shot Knight Ridder Correspondent

This story is disturbing to me. To be honest, I don't know if I had heard about this event and it appears from this particular article it occurred in June of 2005. I am also thoroughly amazed that a reporter would actually investigate anything since that appears to be a lost art among reporters today. But I guess when it comes to one of their own finding the truth makes a difference or at least the truth which satisfies their perception.

Next is the fact that this "reporter" LIED to get into the US Military embed program. Hmmmm. So, the Media wonders why people in the military don't trust "Reporters"?

Here's the snip from Salon which doesn't require a registration:
The victim and the killer
- - - - - - - - - - - -
By Phillip Robertson
Yasser Salihee was an Iraqi journalist. Joe was an American sniper. On June 24, 2005, fate brought them together on a Baghdad street.

July 27, 2005 BAGHDAD, Iraq -- In the Sunni neighborhood of Amariyah in west Baghdad on June 24, a 33-year-old Iraqi man named Yasser Salihee was driving alone as he approached a small number of soldiers from a mixed U.S. and Iraqi patrol. Salihee was driving west. It was midday and most of the soldiers in the patrol had just entered a four-story building on the south side of the street to search for suspected insurgents on the roof. A few stayed down on the street to provide security. On the north side of the street stood two U.S. snipers; across the street an American from the same unit and at least one Iraqi soldier were posted. The street was left open to traffic: the patrol had not blocked off the street with cones and concertina wire, as they normally would for a cordon and search operation. The soldiers decided to stop cars by standing in the street and aiming their rifles at the drivers.

As Salihee approached the patrol from the east, another car was turning around in front of him. He began to drive around it to the right. Exactly what happened next is in dispute. What is certain is that as Salihee went around the car, the two U.S. snipers, thinking he was a suicide bomber, opened fire. At least four rounds were fired. One blew out the car's right front tire; another ricocheted off the ground and pierced the gas tank. The final 7.62 millimeter round pierced the driver's side of the windshield, entering Salihee's right eye and shattering his skull. Salihee died instantly.

The American troops left the car in the street and moved to a different position. An hour after the shooting, an Iraqi policeman found Salihee's phone and called his wife, Raghad. Raghad arrived at the scene and found her husband's body still slumped in the car, and she called an ambulance. Then she sat down on the curb and wept.

Yasser Salihee was not a suicide bomber. He was a physician and journalist who was going to his house on his day off to pick up his two-year-old daughter Dania and take her swimming.

From E&P:
snip....To find the shooter, Robertson requested an embed slot in western Baghdad. (Butler, the Knight Ridder editor, told E&P that "it bothers me somewhat" that Robertson was "not being totally honest... embedding with the military with the purpose of doing his own investigation into this.") Two weeks later, he was able to find the unit, part of the 256th Brigade Combat Team, that took part in the fatal shooting.

Next, from a young specialist from Louisiana, he learned the names of two snipers with the unit. "The next night, the 13th of July," he writes, "I walked into the command post after dinner and recognized one of the men the young soldier had mentioned. The man was working on a notebook computer at a big table in the front room of the command post. We struck up a conversation."
snip.....Taking a broader look, however, he concludes: "The details may be murky, but in retrospect it is fairly clear what happened... The soldiers were on edge, but they seem to have followed their rules of engagement. It was a typical misunderstanding, of the sort that happens all the time in Iraq." No disciplinary action is likely. Robertson points out that a spokesman for the coalition forces told the Los Angeles Times that he did not know of a single soldier who had been punished for shooting a civilian in a traffic incident or at a checkpoint.

Robertson's story closes: "Before I left Joe at his company headquarters at Camp Victory, he said he wanted to tell the Salihee family he was sorry and that he'd never had to fire to stop a car before the 24th of June. 'If I'd seen his hands up, no way would I have fired a shot. We didn't murder him. No way was it murder,' Joe said. But there was desperation in his voice, as if he wasn't sure."

So the "Reporter" was somewhat bothered about not being totally honest? How about lying? How about perhaps jeopardizing all embeds for future stories? Of course, that doesn't matter since the means justify the ends isn't it! That's the mantra as you know in the "Rules for Radicals" - the Means Justify the Ends. So, this so-called "Reporter" is more than willing to sacrifice this young soldier to get his story. The facts are murky but we'll put just enough doubt into the story to create a scandal perhaps. After all, maybe this "Reporter" will make a significant name for himself while sacrificing another soldier who already is probably tearing himself up about this.

I'm not informed enough to go any further but I'm sure there are those of you out there that could hopefully add some perspective on this for me.

Reporter Finds U.S. Sniper in Iraq Who Shot Knight Ridder Correspondent

H/T - Lucianne.

Thanks Mrs. G. for the Dawn Patrol Link on 7/29.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Captain Morrissey Reaches 10,000,000 Mark!

In honor of Captain Ed reaching the 10,000,000 visitor mark Day By Day has a great cartoon for him.

Congrats CQ!

The Real Meaning of the Purple Heart

I would venture a guess that most civilians do not know the history behind the Purple Heart Badge. I learned some interesting information from Allan's article, like the badge originated with George Washington although it was not called the Purple Heart then.

Like any good officer, General Washington understood the importance of rewarding deserving soldiers. So he would grant them commissions or promotions. In 1782, the Continental Congress ordered him to stop doing this because Congress had run out of money. Seeking new ways to honor meritorious soldiers, Washington established the Badge of Military Merit. This badge was shaped like a heart and was purple, presumably chosen as it was the traditional color of royalty. It was awarded for meritorious service, not necessarily for being wounded in combat. On August 7, 1782, at his headquarters at Newburgh, New York, General Washington wrote an official order authorizing the badge.
Go read Allan's article for the rest of the story:
FrontPage :: The Real Meaning of the Purple Heart by Allan Wall

Looks Like Hillary Might Not Be Able To Play Both Sides

I love reading something like this. The "Clintons" got away with this type of obfuscation especially in the early '90's but with a change in how information is dispensed, playing both sides of the sword isn't quite so easy.


Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's call for an ideological cease-fire in the Democratic Party drew an angry reaction yesterday from liberal bloggers and others on the left, who accused her of siding with the centrist Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in a long-running dispute over the future of the party.

Here's an example of how the old dogs of Clintonism don't quite get the new media:

John D. Podesta, who was White House chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, said he interpreted Clinton's remarks as critical of those on both sides -- centrists as much as liberals -- who would devote more energy to internal party battles than to confronting the right . But he said Clinton may have underestimated the bad feelings within the party. "I think she was trying to push the DLC back a little bit, but she walked into a crossfire maybe she should have realized was out there," he said.
Clinton Angers Left With Call for Unity

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Coffee Addicts - Read This and Weep - Caribou Backed by 1st Islamic Investment Bank

Caribou won't sell pork, beer or lottery tickets
From the Strib:
Porn, pork and Pabst -- you're safe from them at Caribou Coffee. In an SEC filing last week for its initial stock offering, the Brooklyn Center-based coffeehouse chain noted that it operates its business according to the Islamic principles known as Shari'ah.

I found this information on Snopes although the info is from 2002. Caribou originally was a Minneapolis based company. I do know they had significant financial issues mostly due to management issues, hence the need to sell the company. Here's the part of this that does somewhat surprise me.

From Snopes:
So, in December 2000, Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. announced that it was selling a 70% stake (later to become an 87.8%) to Atlanta-based Crescent Capital, a deep-pockets investor backed by First Islamic Investment Bank of Bahrain for $80 million; founders John and Kim Puckett left the board, but CEO Don Dempsey stayed on to run the company for the new owners.

From a previous correspondence I had with Monsour Ijaz I could have sworn his email showed his affiliation with Crescent Capital. I have an immense amount of respect for Monsour after hearing an extensive interview he did with Dennis Prager well over a year ago. After the interview, I emailed Monsour asking some questions in which he responded back to me which surprised me.

Anyway, more from Snopes:
The protest was that the chairman of the First Islamic Investment Bank's supervisory board (which advises First Islamic on issues of Islamic law regarding its investments) was also on the supervisory board of the Union for Good, a coalition of charities (such as the London-based Interpal) providing various means of relief to Palestinians.

I'm still not sure whether buying Caribou's products will inadvertantly support Palestinian terror groups. Hopefully not, especially if Monsour is connected with Crescent.

On Meeting Andrew

Andrew and I connected back in April or May of 2004. He was in Iraq and spent most of his time at a camp outside of Fallujah. I sent him chocolate chip cookies (in the summer) and he loved them. Short story, Andrew returned to Fort Drum the following September and was married in a very small ceremony in October to Ashley. So, Ashley and Andrew had their wedding last Saturday. When I originally got the invite I really didn't think about going since it was in Michigan which is about 680 miles away. But there's a ferry that runs from Wi to Mi which cuts out 330 miles and I thought that would be fun.

Ashley's Mother invited me to stay with the family and the wedding was held at their home. So, here I am arriving to stay with a whole group of people I didn't know. These people were awesome and amazing. Andrew and Ashley were so cute and nice, they just touched me beyond words. Andrew and Ashley met me at the car ferry. I recognized Andrew right away and gave him a big hug and then hugged Ashley. We went to the house where there was chaos in action. This family has lots of fun and there were many people in and out of the place. But the consideration and concern for me amidst all of the activity was beyond my expectation. Kelly and Vic (Ashley's Mom and Stepdad) are just a class act and nifty people. Wanda and Donny (Ashley's Aunt and Uncle) - I loved you guys. This is difficult to describe but the appreciation and gratitude shown to me by Andrew and his family for supporting him through part of his deployment was totally unexpected but continue to make me tear up when I think about the weekend.

I don't think I can say enough about this family. Andrew and I spent a couple hours just walking around talking while the ladies were getting their hair done for the wedding. I got so lucky in getting to know Andrew, he's a wonderful young man. Here's a few pictures, they're thumbnails so click to enlarge.

This was a picture of Andrew and myself at the lighthouse from our afternoon of walking around.
Yes, all of this work and Mother Nature did not cooperate. So there was an outside wedding with umbrellas, Ashley managed to look gorgeous in the rain.
I think this is my favorite picture. It's Andrew throwing the garter to his buddies (none of whom seemed too anxious to catch it!).

Monday, July 25, 2005

Dog Protects Bone Against Foot Video

Whoops - click here to see the video.
A co-worker showed me this video this afternoon. I have to confess to laughing hysterically at it. Almost seems like the dog is demented with that growl.

Hanoi Jane Coming Out ► ► ► AGAIN

Jane's going to do a cross country bus tour to call for a pull out from Vietnam....oops, I mean Iraq. She says it's going to be pretty exciting. I think we (as in bloggers) are going to need to keep an eye on this tour. Maybe organize counter demos for the cities on the agenda for this "tour".

Oooooo. She's got a Paul Wellstone type bus that runs on vegetable oil. I'd also be interested to know who the Iraqi war vets are who are joining in this cause.

Fonda, who has a home in Atlanta, said her anti-war tour in March will use a bus that runs on "vegetable oil." She will be joined by families of Iraq war veterans and her daughter.

They plan to return to the Santa Fe area, where she was promoting her book, "My Life So Far" on Saturday.

Prompted by a question from the audience, Fonda said war veterans that she has met on a nationwide book tour have encouraged her to break her silence on the Iraq war.

H/T Lucianne.

AP Wire 07/25/2005 Fonda to take cross-country bus tour to protest Iraq war

Weekend News

I had a really great weekend. Drove to Manitowoc, Wi and boarded the car ferry to go to Ludington, Mi. It'll take me a day to get caught up but I've got a few fabulous pictures from the wedding of my adopted soldier Andrew and his wife Ashley. More details on that whole story once I get the pics loaded and all. But, suffice it to say I met a wonderful and fun group of people over the weekend who touched my heart forever. I also think my eyes are teared out (seems like I cried on and off for 24 hours) for awhile.

Clueless Politician at Marine's Funeral

I don't understand how these politicians can be so clueless. What does it take for them to understand it isn't comforting for a military family to hear about that politician or government being against the war in Iraq. Here's another thing, I see this as a war on Islamic Terror and not just "The War in Iraq". This further shows how Democrats do not understand the implications or intent of the fascistic terrorists. But, of course, they always say: I support the troops, but not the war.

To say this to the family is an example of the lack of understanding and sympathy for the grieving family. Then for the governor to doubt the family's comments show's he's right there with his moonbat Lt. Governor. Jerk. This is the same Governor who prevented deployed Pennsylvania military from voting in the 2004 election by delaying the printing of the final ballots. But of course, he will also say he supports the troops. LIAR LIAR.........

Written apologies will be sent to a fallen Marine's relatives angered by Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll's uninvited appearance at the soldier's funeral and her criticism of the war in Iraq, Gov. Ed Rendell said Sunday. Rendell said
he will send a personal letter to the family of the late Marine Staff Sgt. Joseph Goodrich, of Westwood, and will ask Knoll to do the same. Goodrich, 32, a police officer and infantry unit leader, died July 10 in a mortar attack in Hit, Iraq.

Rendell said he hadn't spoken with Knoll about the incident, but was disturbed by the family's charge that she made a political statement against the war.

Rendell to send apology to Marine's family -

H/T Lucianne.

Friday, July 22, 2005

[Anti] military operations from Ollie North

I couldn't let the weekend start when I saw that Ollie had posted another column. He talks about the lack of talk or writing by the MSM that the Military is exceeding in all services the re-enlistment requirements. Now, come on all, we aren't surprised.

Ollie in his subtle way:
Unfortunately, all the "hostiles" aren't in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some are politicians, some are in the media and others are part of the old, anti-military, "Blame America First" crowd.

Oliver North: [Anti] military operations

Self Portrait Friday

Since I'm again on my way out of town for the weekend I grabbed a pic of me at the 'puter only I wasn't blogging, just working on a Saturday sitting in front of a computer which is what I do every day. Let's see this picture is from Jan. of 2004 (and if I remember correctly it was sub-zero weather that day) so not exactly recent although not exactly ancient!

Check Katy at The Grass Isn't Greener for her list of those participating in Self Portrait Friday. Are you wearing your Red today?

How stress free are You?

Barbette at Righty in a Lefty State has these pics which I'm sure some of you have already seen but it was new to me. Guess I'm not stress free but then I'm not exactly stressed out either. I just have a steady wave pattern going but only if I look at the full size picture. Hmmm. Wonder why that is?

Here's one picture. Barbette's got a couple more with a bit more info.

What do you see?
Righty in a lefty state: How stress free are You?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Michael Yon - Update

If you don't get Michael Yon's emails and haven't checked he's got a new posting from Mosul. The cache found is unbelievable. Be sure to read his updates.

BTW - if you enjoy Michael's pictures and postings, throw a few bucks his way to continue his great reporting.

Michael Yon : Online Magazine: The Devil's Foyer

How American Are You?

My low score has got to be because I don't drink beer!
You Are 78% American
You're as American as red meat and shooting ranges.
Tough and independent, you think big.
You love everything about the US, wrong or right.
And anyone who criticizes your home better not do it in front of you!

I went back and changed the answers to several of the questions and could never get more than 89%? I know I'm a sucker for taking these quizzes but I also know how skewed they can be. Just look at the framing of these questions.
Oh well, at least I'm more American than Jason at CounterColumn where I got this link!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Big Shocker - Double Standard for Hillary

Brent Bozell is exactly right in talking about the difference in treatment of the book by Edward Klein on Hillary Clinton and the book say by Kitty Kelly on Nancy Reagan. Although both books were based on anonymous sources Kelly's hack job on Nancy Reagan was endorsed and adored by the left wing MSM types. Yet there has been almost a total blackout on the Edward Klein book on Hillary.

I mean look at this:
Kelley's attacks on Nancy Reagan merited attention as news stories on the broadcast networks as well -- and with the same ambivalence toward journalistic accuracy or evidence. On April 24, 1991, Bryant Gumbel took to CNN's "Larry King Live" to give Kelley his personal seal of approval: "I'm one of those people who generally has liked Kitty's writing in the past. I know all of the research she does. I'm aware of the fact that for all the things she's written that are controversial, she has yet to lose a lawsuit … Kitty is a very brave woman." "Is the stuff in the book true or just vindictive tales?" asked CBS reporter Mark Phillips in his April 8, 1991, "CBS Evening News" report on the Kelley book. "Who knows? Who cares?"
As Brent further says:
And that's the point. When there are juicy stories about the personal lives of conservatives -- a convicted drug dealer accuses Dan Quayle of doing drugs; Anita Hill accuses Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment; George Bush 41 is accused of having an extramarital affair; Bush 43 is a coke head -- they merit immediate national news coverage. As to the authenticity of the charges, who knows? Who cares? But when the subject is Hillary, that cavalier attitude … disappears.
But, again, we all know there's no bias in the MSM is there.

Brent Bozell: Another double standard for Hillary

Democrat Translation Services at Your Fingertips

JD at Faces from The Front has done some political interpretation on advice given by a Democrat strategist on using criticism of the war for political gain in 2006. JD seems to be very fluent in Democrat Speake based on his translation skills.

Faces from the Front: American Marines in Iraq - The Dangers of Using The War for Electoral Advantage

I know everyone is going to be talking about the SCOTUS appointment and there are so many other bloggers and commentators out there that are more knowledgeable than me that I'm not even going to go there.

Hillary Supports Illegals to Attend College in Speech to LaRaza! - Clinton speaks before Hispanic civil rights conference

Speaking to the nations' largest Hispanic civil rights organization, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., received a standing ovation Monday when she vowed her support for legislation that would allow illegal immigrant high school students to attend college.

Clinton made her remarks on various issues of importance to the country's Latinos at the annual conference of National Council of La Raza, attended by 23,000 people at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

The event started Friday and has included a rally in center Philadelphia in support of the so-called DREAM Act that would benefit illegal students.

On Tuesday, the chairpersons of both the Republican and Democratic national committees are schedule to address the conference, which NCLR officials say is a first for the organization and a sign that both parties have heightened their interest in the growing Latino population and its votes

I just wanted to be to get this documented since you know when she runs for President she's going to say she's tough on "immigration". I guess it all depends on the meaning of "illegal"! And we all know the meaning of the group name LaRaza don't we? It's 'The Race'. LaRaza is a militant Mexican group originating in California. To them, things will only be right again when California, SW US and TX go back to Mexico where they can be driven into poverty and corruption.

As an added item to remember for those that live in NY for 2006 and the rest of the country for the 2008 Presidential election:

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

You Talk About Determination - Then Visit This Angel

Since I'm hospital allergic when I read this Open Post from Mudville Gazette of Holly's on her visits to the Minneapolis VA Hospital I was truly touched. Considering the type of patients this VA works with (Traumatic Brain Injury), it surely takes a special Angel Warrior to take on this endeavor.

I strongly urge you to go read Holly's story and give her a huge pat on the back.

Patients with brain injuries are more difficult to visit, because the extent of their injuries is not often obvious. I do not say this to deter you from going, but to warn you properly of what to expect. The patient's limitations are difficult to judge, such as ability to speak, read, recognize friends and family, follow the conversation and so on. Patients with obvious and severe damage to the head can often be more highly functioning than patients with no obvious injuries.

Is it difficult to visit a patient that can't talk? Depends on you I guess. How well can you have a one sided conversation? If you're married I'm guessing you've had years of If you can take 'huh' as an answer to continue you're good to go
Soldiers' Angel - Holly Aho - Visiting at the VA Hospital Again

Not to Be Forgotten - Ted Kennedy's Responsibility for Mary Jo Kopechne's Death

I started out to post this on Monday, didn't quite make it but I think it's still a worthy post even a day late. If the details on the death of Mary Jo are fuzzy for you then reacquaint yourself with it again. I found out details I'd never heard before with this story.

Today, July 18th, 2005 is the 35th Anniversary of the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. You ask who is Mary Jo? Wonder why Oliver Stone hasn't done a movie on this whodoneit?

I'm trying to be careful here in not calling Ted Kennedy a murderer or cheater or liar, liar pants on fire. Because this is all allegedly something Ted did. Course that is because the state of Massachusetts is in the pocket of the renowned Kennedy Clan. Amazing how Ted Kennedy has the nerve to be calling into question anyone's integrity or honesty but then he's a "Kennedy" and the media has given him a pass on all counts. It's pretty darn sickening if you ask me. I think the media should be headlining this 35th Anniversary of Mary Jo's death just like they do with anything having to do with Richard Nixon. Course the media, that bastion of non-partison politics, would never be biased against Richard Nixon and pro Kennedy would they!

Just don't forget about this and don't ever this slip the minds of those who are too young to know or remember Ted's evil ways and the pass he got from everyone, which continues today.

What everyone testified at the time was that Kennedy and Mary Jo left the party before midnight. Kennedy said he was driving her back to the ferry to Edgartown, and took a wrong turn, though he was very familiar with the roads on the island. His car toppled off a narrow wooden-planked bridge, a bridge that is in the opposite direction to the road that led to the ferry but is on the way to the beach. The car landed upside-down in eight feet of water and, Kennedy claimed that after escaping, he tried unsuccessfully to rescue Mary Jo. He then staggered back to the party, called out his cousin Joe Gargan and his pal Paul Markham, to return to the scene. What he didn't do, inexplicably, was seek help in a lighted house only yards from the bridge or use the fire-alarm phone at a fire station he passed on the way back to the party.

Right from the start, the reporters who arrived at the scene were skeptical of his story, skeptical even of how he claimed he got back to Edgartown that night. Markham and Gargan said when they drove to the ferry landing — the ferry had stopped running by then — Kennedy took them by surprise by jumping in the water, and swimming across the channel towards Edgartown. They assumed, they said, he would report the accident that night to the police. Instead Kennedy went back to his hotel, ostensibly to change his clothes but instead, went downstairs to complain about a noisy party that was going on.

The next morning Markham and Gargan were waiting for Kennedy when he arrived at 9 A.M. on the first ferry. The ferry operator said Kennedy appeared to be in a jovial mood, but probably only until he was told that his car had been found. Only then did Kennedy return and report the accident.

Myrna Blyth on Mary Jo Kopechne on National Review Online
H/T Michelle Malkin

Monday, July 18, 2005

Out of Control Name Calling by Pro-Illegal Immigrant Factions

First of all I am appalled that the city of Herndon solution to illegal immigrants vying for day laborer jobs is to spend taxpayer dollars on a center to assist their illegal behavior. But what is more disturbing in this debate is the rhetoric thrown at the anti illegal immigrant people.

Philip Jones, 44, of Herndon, a single father of two teenagers, views the day laborers as an additional threat to Herndon's once close-knit community. Every day, he said, he drives by the 7-Eleven and sees them catcall at women, drink and behave in unruly ways. His children are afraid to go into the store.

Now he fears that could be the scene near his home. The proposed day laborer site is in Jones's suburban neighborhood of split-level homes where Herndon borders Loudoun County. His neighbors dislike the idea so much, he says, that some may sell and leave town.

Complicating the issue for Jones was when people accused him of racism at last week's hearing.

"To be called a racist is unnerving. To have someone tell me to 'shove it' in a public forum, that's unnerving," Jones said after he finished speaking. "These day laborers are scary. They are unkempt. They swarm on top of you. They grab your car competing for work. . . . Why is it bigotry if I don't want that in my neighborhood?"

Some longtime residents supporting the day laborers are angry that immigrants don't feel more welcome in Herndon. They say the town should take pride in the thriving ethnic businesses downtown and the town's new diversity.

"I'm ashamed to see what's happening here," said Abby Reyes, 31, who grew up in Herndon. "It's shocking to see what xenophobia and insecurity can bring."

The ability to ignore the issue and conflate it to racism or xenophobia shows the level of dishonesty or lack of reason from those using this rhetoric. These are law breakers, plain and simple. Racism has nothing to do with it unless there's a new definition now for being anti criminal.

Washington Post: Herndon Confronts Immigrant Tensions

How Hot Is It?

In Minnesota the last week or so we have been in a heat wave. I think it got to 96 or 98 yesterday and finally a cold front came through last night for a few days of normal temps. I don't think MN has seen continuous temps like this since the late 80's when there was a 2 year drought. And I do vividly remember since the temps hit the low 100's for a number of days in a row and I had NO AC. I'd just purchased a small house on the lake (what lake there was at this point). But I was strapping for cash and had no fan nor AC. It was so hot.

Kevin really brings a new meaning to the words 'butt hot' out there!
Man was it hot. I think today was the hottest day we’ve had. I was drenched in sweat without my IBA and Kevlar so I knew I would be hurting. Everything you touched on the tank was hot. The barrel of your weapon was even hot. I had to wear gloves just to keep myself from burning my hands on the metal and barrel. I was standing up in the back of the tank and someone else had to pop their head up to see something. When they did, I was pushed back to where my rear end was pushed up against the metal of the track. It didn’t take me long to give the guy a big push to get me off the edge of the tank. I felt like I was a cow getting branded. It actually hurt. Good thing I’ve got a lot of padding back there to keep it from going real deep. I think it was like 133 degrees on the top of the tank and when the engine started, it got even hotter.
All I can say is "Ouch"!

The Daily Journal of Kevin Kelly

Sunday, July 17, 2005

For Soldiers' Farewell, a Crucial Drill

I read this article from the WP yesterday and thought how far are these reporters going to take this to find something negative or condescending to write the military. I'm sure this reporter thought he was writing one of those "look at how low our military has had to sink due to the war in Iraq" and look at these poor, pitiful soldiers. After you read this story tell me if I'm just too jaded but it sure seems to me to be a backhanded type of story. Maybe the reporter doesn't even realize what he's doing?

But just what is wrong with training burial teams in 2 days? Ok maybe the optimum time could be better but who cares? It's getting done.

The 99th, based in this town just west of Pittsburgh, doesn't have a full burial team. Until the Iraq war, it didn't need one. Now, it can be called on to perform at the funerals of soldiers from reserve units in Maryland, Virginia, the District, Delaware, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

That means that Dziegielewski, the command's casualty officer, relies on volunteers he fondly calls "pencil pushers" -- the administrative assistants and supply clerks whose usual job is to get other soldiers ready to deploy.

OMG - so pencil pushers in the Reserves are going to be trained for this duty. This is the first example of condescension.

Yet no matter how often the group went through its moves, Sgt. Sarah Williamson was almost always a half-step behind -- late in swiveling, late in bringing up her rifle, late in getting off the shot. Sometimes she never got it off at all.

Slight and soft-spoken, she joined the Army 2 1/2 years ago not just for the benefits that would make being a single mother of a 5-year-old boy easier, but because "I wanted to do something with my life."

And let's single out the poor single female soldier in the group. Cause, well isn't she just pitiful! And isn't she just in the Reserves for the benefits? Bah - why would she want to do something with her life and how on earth could the Reserves do this?

At the end the soldiers did a fine job but I'm not so sure that was the point of the story or was it?
For Soldiers' Farewell, a Crucial Drill

USA is the world's ATM

Vassilaros hits a hot point for me and that is this continuing aid from the US Taxpayers to foreign countries. I have no issue with the aid going to Afghanistan or Iraq, I may have some concerns about the dispensation of the funds along with a lack of an audit trail. But I do believe the stabilization and establishment of freely elected governments is a good thing for the Middle East. Whatever form of democracy which evolves can only contribute to the safety of the U.S.

I do have an issue with aid to Africa especially to dictators where the U.S. is forgiving debt to only turn around and give more aid to those same dictators. I'm mortified the U.S. is giving funds to the Palestinians (and I'm still not sure here the what, how or where this occurs) since Hamas is nothing but a bunch of murdering terrorists who operate without impunity murdering Israeli citizens. On the other hand, I don't believe the U.S. should be expanding it's aid to Israel.

From Vassilaros:
President George W. Bush, being the compulsive spender he is, seems powerless to say no whenever others rattle their tin cups for alms for the poor and not-so-poor.

Prepare to give Israel $2.2 billion to finance the relocation of Jewish settlers and to double the $4 billion you are sending to Africa -- money that will not see the light of day when the tyrants lording over those miserable countries deposit it into their Swiss bank accounts.

America is the world's ATM. It has money for
withdrawals and funds to transfer for foreign countries stepping up to the
screen and pushing our buttons, especially the one for "yes" when asked if they
would like to make another transaction.

Mr. Bush has promised to increase the annual handout to the leaders of African nations to $8 billion by 2010 -- even though our republic is $8 trillion in debt. Is Bush hoping to make good on his pledge by writing hot checks?

USA is the world's ATM - Vassilaros
Link from Lucianne.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Captain Medley - BN Disciplinator

I'm just learning with this video posting. So I thought I'd try it out with this funny video I got from a friend last year. If you haven't seen it before you'll get a good chuckle out of it.

Captain Medley Video

I haven't figured out how to get the video to post with a screen clip yet ( and who knows if I'll ever figure it out....**grin**) so I'll just use a link to my Media Blog.

Elrond - Ok I Bit at Another Personality Quiz


Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?
Ha! The description for Elrond: He chose Elven-kind, and was bestowed upon him great wisdom and power of perception. Yup, that's shore me. huh?

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?
Link from Powerline.

Open Mouth and Insert Foot

In case you heard about this or hadn't heard about this:
On June 23, this letter to the editor appeared in The Arizona Republic: A wake-up call from Luke's jets

"Question of the day for Luke Air Force Base: Whom do we thank for the morning air show? Last Wednesday, at approximately 9:11 a.m., a tight formation of four
F-16 jets made a low pass over Arrowhead Mall, continuing west over Bell Road at approximately 500 feet. Imagine our good fortune! Do the Tom Cruise wannabes
feel we need this wake-up call, or were they trying to impress the cashiers at
Mervyn's early-bird special? Any response would be appreciated. - Tom MacRae,
Peoria, AZ"

This was a tribute to an AF Officer (Capt. Jeremy Fresques) who was killed in Iraq on May 30th.

After many phone calls the complainer apologizes:
"I have received many calls from the fine airmen who are serving or have served at Luke, and I have attempted to explain my side and apologized for any discomfort my letter has caused. This was simply an uninformed citizen complaining about noise. I have been made aware in both written and verbal communications of the four-ship flyby, and my heart goes out to each and every lost serviceman and woman in this war in which we are engaged.

"I have been called un-American by an unknown caller and I feel that I must address that. I served in the U.S. Navy and am a Vietnam veteran. I love my country and respect the jobs that the service organizations are doing.

"Please accept my heartfelt apologies. - Tom MacRae"

Rocky Mountain News: Mike Rosen

Friday, July 15, 2005

Of Heroes and Hatred

Here's Ollie North's definition of hero:
Heroes are people who overcome evil by doing good at great personal risk. Through self-sacrifice, fortitude and action -- whether they succeed or fail -- heroes provide a moral and ethical framework -- and inspiration -- for the rest of us.

Go read the rest of what Ollie has to say about the our world today. How "evil" isn't evil and "good" isn't good!

Oliver North: Of heroes and hatred

What I Found Outside My Door Yesterday Morning

Actually my super duper bird dog (The SpreadSheet Expert) with her sharply honed hunting skills found it under my grill. Click on the first picture to get a load of the size of these feet!

Actually, The Spreadsheet Expert is as you have guessed a really awful bird dog. I'm amazed she even noticed the baby bird.

This is a baby Green Heron. I have the Green Herons nesting in my spruce trees. The first spring I spent in this house I heard this screaming outside and thought it was a kid in trouble. I rushed out and looked, nobody was around but the screaming continued. Turned out it was mating season for the Green Herons. I'd never seen a Green Heron before. There's alot of Blue Herons and White Egrets but the Green Heron was a new one for me. They keep pretty well hidden, you don't see them flying around like the Blues or Whites. They also remind me of some sort of pre-historic bird. They're just odd looking.

What is striking about them (besides their mating screeching) is their gold beaks. My Dad had always called them Shietpokes or Slewpokes.
Found this about the Green Heron:
AKA: Little Green Heron, Shietpoke, Skeow
small, cryptically colored
sits with neck contracted
greenish black crown, white undersides streaked with white
18 inches long
iridescent green back
legs and beak yellow/green to orange

Hey - I'm not always about politics!! Well, usually I am but I thought this was too cute to pass up.

Favorite Mug for Self Portrait Friday

I've had this mug forever it seems. Got it as a gift from a co-worker. In my own dorkish way I think it's funny and cute and so appropriate. Doncha think? BTW - I usually drink tea or coffee in it. Click on pic if you're having a difficult time reading the print on my mug.

Go check out the others participating in Katy's Self Portrait Friday. Apparently Eric came up with today's theme so I'm going to be curious to see what mug he's going to show. Probably something the size of a 50 gal drum. **grin**

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hollywood to Glamorize Al Queda Terrorist Teenager

I guess Hollywood will never learn. Here's another stab at turning an Islamic Terrorist into a sympathic character. Just read this story and you will wonder if there is anyone left in that morass called Hollywood who understands the GWOT. Oh this poor little terrorist had such a had time at Gitmo. My heart just bleeds for him and of course let's have Johnny Depp play the sympathetic terrorist. Just revise history, Hollywood does a great job of that.

Here's some information which I'm sure won't be included in the movie:

So intimate were the ties between the Khadr family and bin Laden that in January of 2001—eight months before the 9-11 attacks--the Khadr’s attended the wedding of bin Laden’s son, Mohammed. In 1999, bin Laden had attended the wedding of Abdurahman’s sister Zaynab, an Islamic fundamentalist whose faith in bin Laden’s murderous vision remains unshaken. Little wonder that Abdurahman today describes his family as an “al-Qaeda family.”

Or this:

Bin-Laden, they insisted, loves children and is quite the family man. Zaynab stressed that “it was very important for him to sit with his kids every day at least for two hours in the morning after their morning prayer. They sit and read a book at least. It didn't have to be something religious. He loved poetry very much….” Indeed, they claim bin-Laden, far from a murderer, was the consummate family man: “He loved playing volleyball and loved horse riding. And he'd do it, I mean amongst people he was not Osama bin-Laden. He was just Osama, just a sheikh. And kids played around him. Kids would go shake his hand. He played volleyball with them or just horse race with them. Just, he was just a normal person.

See, just like Patty Murray (Sen (D) Wash) said, Osama just loves the children. Only probem is he also likes to behead and murder people, including other Muslims.

Or this:

Abdurahman also claims that Guantanamo detainees are mostly harmless: “80 percent of people that went to Afghanistan...They've had enough. If you put them back in their countries they won't do anything.” Abdurahman’s appeal on behalf of the prisoners is hardly disinterested. His 18-year-old brother Omar was captured in Afghanistan, July 27, 2002 after allegedly throwing a hand grenade which killed Sergeant 1st Class Christopher J. Speer, a U.S. medic.
<......> “I'm my father's son,” he explained in the CBC interview with Terrance McKenna. His father gave up the terrorist’s life only in October, 2003, when a gun battle with the Pakistani military ended it permanently. Of Sgt. Speer, Zaynab says, “…(Omar) killed an American soldier. Big deal.”

Oh yeah - this is a really sympathetic terrorist. Just remember this when this movie hits (if ever) the screen. Let's not let Hollywood get away with this lie!

FrontPage :: I Was a Teenage Terrorist by Andrew Walden

Misunderstandings on America and the Middle East

Global American Discourse: Misunderstandings on America and the Middle East

I'd like to point out a blog from Japan. This is his tag line: Hawkish, pro-American, and Liberal Imperialist Blog from a Japanese Viewpoint.

I liked his counterpoint to the often used comments by Lefties when talking about Ronald Reagan's support of Saddam Hussein.
Conspiracy theorists associate everything bad in the Middle East with America’s ambition. But their viewpoints are dubious. I would like to correct these misunderstandings.

Check out Global American Discourse.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Basra - From the Eyes of Steven Vincent

I find this information somewhat disheartening but since Steven Vincent is actually in Iraq and traveling beyond the "Green Zone" he must be right. BTW - if you don't check out Vincent's journal: In The Red Zone, you should.

Here's an excerpt from this posting:
"We believe in him, he is a great man," enthused one cop, a rangy, smart-alecky kid with an Eddie Haskell smirk. "Seventy-five percent of Basra's police follow him!" .

This Basra Policeman is talking about the Boy Cleric - Al Sadr.

Worse, the knowledge that a cop's sympathies may lie more with the Badr Organization than the Basran citizenry erodes general trust in the police. "If someone, say, stole my car, I wouldn't go to the police to get it back," an Iraqi journalist told me. "I'd negotiate directly with the thieves."

"Amirka muu zayna," he informed me. ("American no good.") Not once, or twice, but like one of the flies buzzing around the station, he wouldn't stop, giggling "Amrika muu zayna, Amrika muu zayna," glancing at his buddies for their nods and approbation.
Just as we were boarding the vessel, however, Eddie grabbed my arm and, smirking and snorting, shoved his cell phone in my face, where prominently displayed on its call screen was a mini-image of...the Twin Towers burning. "Zayn?" he snickered.
Note - Eddie is Vincent's nickname for the Basra Policeman.

In the Red Zone

I'm not sure what to say at this point but in reading the entire posting, it's like having a balloon punctured with the air spewing out. This is not good news for Basra, Iraq.

Do You Swear on the Quran? You Knew This Had To Happen Sometime.

Thank you ACLU. This is the next wave for Islam in the U.S. The Left has such antipathy for Mormons or from the 1980's Born Again Christians due to their evangelizing. Why exactly is it that The Left doesn't have the same antipathy for Islam which is a more aggressive and restricting towards homosexuals and the role of women? I know many talk about "Moderate Islam or Moderate Muslims" but I just don't know if that truly exists or is it more of sham perpetuated on the gullible West. I think it's a sham.

Here's the newest method of attack on Christianity by the ACLU:
The legal foundation of the ACLU of North Carolina has called on the state Administrative Office of the Courts to adopt a policy allowing the Quran and other religious texts for oath-taking in North Carolina courtrooms.

They cite precedent from:
The ACLU of North Carolina says an 1856 state Supreme Court decision sets a clear precedent for oaths on the Quran. The court noted that North Carolina's oath-taking statutes were written for Christians but do not limit others from swearing in the way they deem most sacred, an attorney for the state ACLU said.
Winston-Salem Journal N.C. courts may ask legislators to decide Quran issue

Link from Lucianne.

You should also check out this interview at Stop The ACLU: Interview With A Former ACLU Lawyer

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rick Reilly of SI and his ride in a F-14 Tomcat.

My Army Life...and other things: Take a ride...

MSG Keith has a new milblog and he's posted a hysterical story about a ride in an F-14 tomcat. BTW - I totally concur with Reilly's advice.

Monday, July 11, 2005

The Left doesn't support the troops and should admit it - Clarity from Dennis Prager

This subject elicits rage with the Lefties and psuedo Democrats in this country. You've got the Michael Moore wannabes pretending to support the troops but in reality they only want to use the troops to push their own agendas. I have always been of the opinion to support the troops you support their success. Dennis Prager presents this argument in a way I never could.

First from Dennis there's this disclaimer:
Lest this argument be dismissed as an attack on leftist Americans' patriotism, let it be clear that leftists' patriotism is not the issue here. Their honesty is.

Then he presents his premis:
In order to understand this, we need to first have a working definition of the term "support the troops." Presumably it means that one supports what the troops are doing and rooting for them to succeed. What else could "support the troops" mean?

I especially like this dissection:
One example is the claim made by Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and almost all other Democrats and liberals that the war in Iraq is "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time." How does one support troops that are fighting a wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Then Dennis has from my perspective the butt kicker of the argument:
A second example is the oft-repeated line, found on liberal bumper stickers, "War is not the answer." Aside from the idiocy of this claim -- war has solved slavery, ended the Holocaust, destroyed Japanese Fascism, preserved half the Korean peninsula from near-genocide, and saved Israel from extinction, among other noble achievements -- the claim offers no support to those who do engage in war.
How could one believe that "war is not the answer" and also claim to "support the troops," the very people waging what is "not the answer"? The answer is, by being dishonest.

Dennis has more on the topic in his usual straight forward and clear manner.
Dennis Prager: The Left doesn't support the troops and should admit it

But, yes, it does all boil down to honesty. One of the groups I had hooked into the summer of 2003 was "Books for Soldiers" (and nope, I'm not linking them). I initially liked the forum set up for connecting with the troops but there were those that slowly crept into the forum with this anti-Bush rhetoric. You know they had tag lines to their signatures which showed the bias. Most people starting out demonstrated no political agendas nor expressed any words reflecting this sentiment. Michael Moore was the 400 lb. gorilla that crept onto the scene with his mockumentary. There was some sort of connection between Moore and the creator of the site and Moore had linked to BFS which flooded the site with Moore-ons. It was not pretty. So, I left. There was alot of dishonesty with the lefties who came to the site and I was concerned about the message which would be sent to our troops. I don't know what BFS is like today so if you are a BFS fan this isn't an indictment of you. My experience was not good, hopefully yours has been.

Wrigley s is moving to Georgia

I'm not sure what to make of this astounding news.
Score another one for the State of Georgia. The Wrigley chewing gum folks have announced they are closing one of their plants in Chicago - as soon as the snow melts enough so that they can find it - and transferring many of the jobs to Gainesville. Employees were asked not to giggle and high-five each other.

According to Wrigley spokesman Spiro Ment, the company is making the move because they don't want to be in the same state with a goofy dipstick like Dick Durbin, the senator who compared the United States to Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and Cambodia's Pol Pot (or Pol Pan, I can't remember). According to Ment, "This guy Durbin is crazy as a bedbug. We would rather be some place where a classy guy like Johnny Isakson is senator and doesn't say stupid stuff and embarrass everybody. Our studies show that when people are embarrassed, they don't chew gum."

It's a real gum cracker! heheh

Oh and here's the real kicker:
For example, it is rumored that the entire city of Boston is contemplating a move to Hahira. "There is no question that this would greatly benefit the citizens of Boston, but it sure wouldn't do much for Hahira," said one official. "Then there is always the risk that Ted Kennedy would come with them. He'd probably get drunk and drive some woman into Booger Barlow's fishpond out off State Route 122, and let her drown while he saved his own sorry hide. We don't want that big fat tub of lard anywhere around our women." - Marietta, Georgia
Link from Lucianne.

Here's Why Schools Don't Like Students Wearing Baggy Pants

You've got to watch this short video. I cannot believe what this guy pulls out of his pants and I'm not trying to be funny here. It's unreal!

Baggy Pants Video

Rise of Lawmaking Judges and The Superlegislature SCOTUS

Judge Edith Jones gets it!

Edith Jones, A Fifth Circuit judge and possible Supreme Court choice, argues that the "reigning legal philosophy" is responsible for the bitter politics that surround judicial nominations. Jones charged that legal elites ("mandarins of the law") have long since come to view the courts as agents of social change. Federal judges, and later state judges, caught on to this heightened view of their power. Then, as judge-made law invaded politically sensitive areas, it provoked a political reaction. Jones thinks it will take decades to repair the damage and return to assessing Supreme Court nominees according to their brains and fairness rather than their propensity (or lack of it) for advancing their politics on the bench. According to Jones, writing in the University of Richmond Law Review, "The restoration of more civil and objective selection processes will not occur until the reigning legal philosophy becomes less ambitious and overweening." This will come about, Jones says, only "when the rule of law is again tethered to respect for the executive and legislative branches of government, to traditional legal craftsmanship, to continuity, to moral values, and to limited social aims."
John Leo has a good commentary on the disintegration of the US Judicial system both on a federal and state level.

Here's another interesting quote from Leo:

In part, relying on judges for political decisions is the result of a conscious strategy within the Democratic Party, as political analyst William Galston of the University of Maryland said last week. Galston, a former aide to President Bill Clinton, says his party "convinced itself that, especially on social issues, the principal vehicle of advance would be the court." It's easier to find a judge or two to rule your way than to go through the drudgery of building a majority for normal democratic decision making, particularly if you are pushing a liberal agenda in a conservative age. John Leo: A judge who judges (7/18/05)

Unfortunately Senator Arlen Spector the sheep in Republican clothing is now advocating to make Sandra Day O'Connor Chief Justice of SCOTUS. Hey Arlen - Judge Sandie resigned. We're glad she resigned! We don't want her back! Especially we don't want her back as Chief Justice. Now will the yahoo's in the Republican leadership shut Spectors yap! Spector should never have been given the leadership on the Judiciary Committee. He sounds like Senator Chuckie Schumer. Ugh!

Link from Lucianne.

If You Had The Choice of Israel or The Palestinian State to Live, Which Would You Choose?

From Daniel Pipes
It appears that Palestinian Arabs aren't so eager to move out of Israel. What a shocker! Not really, think about it, what would you rather live amongst. An Islamic tyranny run by terrorists or Israel. Well, the PLO had something to say about this:
To stop this Palestinian Arab rush for Israeli citizenship, the ranking Islamic official in Jerusalem issued an edict prohibiting it, and the Palestine Liberation Organization's agent in Jerusalem, Faisal al-Husseini, went further, calling this step "treason." This proved ineffective, so al-Husseini threatened that taking out Israeli citizenship would result in the confiscation of one's home.

Here's a sample of some comments from Palestinians living in Israel:
Israel's Interior Ministry duly reported a large increase in applications for citizenship and one city councilor, Roni Aloni, reported what he was hearing from Jerusalem Arabs: "we are not like Gaza or the West Bank. We hold Israeli IDs. We are used to a higher standard of living. Even if Israeli rule is not so good, it is still better than that of the PA." A doctor applying for Israeli papers explained, "we want to stay in Israel. At least here I can speak my mind freely without being dumped in prison, as well as having a chance to earn an honest day's wage."

Oh woe - where oh where is Rachel Corrie now? There's more on this oxymoronic situation of Palestinians trying to stay in Israel from Pipes.

Palestinians Who Cling to Israel by Daniel Pipes -- Capitalism Magazine

Link from Lucianne.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Introducing Capt. and Mrs. Patriette!

If you are familiar with Kelly from The Patriette, here are a few pictures from the wedding reception from Saturday night.

Here's the newly married Kelly and Josh at the head table trying to eat their dinner while I harass them for pictures!

The next three are thumbnails so click on them for a larger view.
This one is the cake cutting:
Here's Josh stepping out with Kelly's niece:
Here's me stepping out at home after one glass of wine!

Who's Assessment Would You Choose?

All of the hand wringing over the cause of Islamic Fascistic Terror breaks down into two streams of thought. One is that it's poverty and the other is Islam. I forgot about the other reason which pretty much goes without saying - it's the West and Israel which is ludicrous

From Jordan's King Abdullah we hear the familiar refrain of poverty which I find to be asinine. Especially when you look at the riches available in Middle Eastern countries. Maybe it isn't poverty but tyrannical regimes which have caused the poverty?
International news from swissinfo, the Swiss news platform

Jordan's King Abdullah said the world must tackle Arab frustration over poverty and perceived injustices in the Israeli-Palestinian and Iraqi conflicts if it is to stem militant violence.

From Tavleen Singh in the Indian Express: Breeding grounds for suicide bombers.

Tavleen without dancing around politically correct mumbo jumbo goes to the root of the terror creators.

The young men and women who are blowing themselves up are trained not by terrorist groups but by mullahs and Islamic seminaries and until we acknowledge this we cannot win the war against terrorism.

<....> Whenever these schools have been charged with breeding fanatics and suicide bombers they protest that all they do is teach the Koran. What can possibly be wrong with that? A great deal if we are politically incorrect enough to admit that teaching children only about Islam creates in them a sense of exclusivity. When a child is taught that there is nothing better or more important than Islam then by the time he becomes a teenager it is easy to persuade him to kill himself because Islam is in danger from infidel Westerners, hateful Jews and idol-worshipping Hindus.

<....>If the mullahs used the religious seminaries to teach love and peace and respect for other people and religions, Muslims would find it easier to live with the rest of the world. But, they teach jehad and bigotry and it is from these teachings that Islamic terrorism is born.


Links from Lucianne.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Dateline - June 30th: How about showing your true patriotism for the July 4th Holiday!
Throughout the last couple of days I have been thinking about the helicopter going down in Afghanistan. Yesterday Matt at Froggy Ruminations said it was Special Forces with at least one SEAL Team, the cost to our country and their families is almost too much to bear. I listened to Hugh Hewitt tonight and his preaching finally got through my sadness to stop thinking about how I felt and to start thinking about the families of these very special heroes. I have been a supporter in more than words for over 3 years now both by way of letters, care packages and donations. But due to my own personal situation I have not been doing the letters and packages for the last 3 months and I do miss it terribly. Mostly because I've been able to meet some of the neatest people of many ages who have made me a better person. I will soon be back to making new friends but in the meantime. Whatever funds I would have expended over the last 3 months I have now donated to the The United Warrior Survivor Foundation, Soldier's Angels, AnySoldier and The Wounded Warrior Backpack Project.

I've got a list of organizations where you can go to donate either your time or funds but DO something.
For the most recent casualties to help their families go to: The United Warrior Survivor Foundation

Soldier's Angels has literally been begging for volunteers and donations the last month.
The Wounded Warrior Project helps those who have been injured and disabled and has a great backpack program.
AnySoldier is a great place to find troops to adopt and write letters or send care packages.
The Fisher House Foundation provides housing for recovering troops and their families.
America Supports You - President Bush asked for you help for this program in his speech this week. How many of you responded?
Update from Erik on a MN Support Site which is a new for me. Operation Minnesota Nice.

There are many more but these are the groups in which I am familiar and have supported. I'm going to keep this posting at the top to remind anyone visiting that "Freedom Isn't Free"!

Clinton Linking Energy Policy and Security For Democrats

Here's Bill's advice to the Democrats for the next election:

"We've got to make it a national security argument and we've got to make it a jobs argument and we've got to make the price of oil irrelevant," Clinton said, suggesting the country could create millions of jobs if alternative energy efforts received a fraction of the tax incentives that go to "old energy."

I think the Democrats first have to take US Security seriously instead of continually mimicing nonsense lines like: "We got to get it right". Huh? They then offer nothing but generalities lacking any substance for solutions. The Left are still believing this war is about oil. If it were all about Oil, President Bush would have never endeavored on this path in Iraq. It would have been much cheaper to pay Saddam for his oil (even if under the corrupt UN Oil For Food Program). I think they've missed that about turn from d'tente of the status quo and stability to freedom and liberty for the Mideastern Countries. The first path is for the short termers and bureauocrats, those who don't really care about anyone but themselves and how it will affect "ME". The other path is for those entrepeneurs in the world who take huge risks and when successful reap the rewards not only personally but publicly. In talking about rewards I'm not talking about monetary rewards, it's legacy rewards. How history will see President George W. Bush vs. President William J. Clinton.

Link from Lucianne.
Aspen Times News for Aspen Colorado - News

Update on New Hampshire Police Chief Using Trespass Law Against Illegals

The Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News - 09-Jul-05 - Immigrant rights group appeals to AG

<......>To date, a total 10 illegal aliens are known to have been charged in New Ipswich and Hudson under the state law that says "a person is guilty of criminal trespass, if, knowing that he is not licensed or privileged to do so, he enters or remains in any place."

Jorge Mora Ramirez, 21, a Mexican arrested by New Ipswich police in April, will be the first to go on trial Tuesday.

"Tactics such as the ones used by police officials in New Ipswich and Hudson . . . increase fear and distrust of law enforcement within the whole immigrant community," the letter said.

The task force asked the two chiefs to stop making the arrests in May.

After both indicated they would continue the practice, the task force turned to the attorney general's office as the state's top law enforcement agency, Migalli said.

Here's the humor award for the "Immigrant's Rights" people: "We cannot see the attorney general being silent or passive in a situation like this. . . . People are fearful," said Nabil Migalli, a member of the New Hampshire Immigrants Rights Task Force.

What these groups always forget is these are illegal immigrants not legal immigrants. Technically, these illegals have no rights. I'm sure though with the help of most in Congress and even President Bush and the Supremes it won't be long before precedent will be set for illegal immigrants which by the way for all of those naysayers out there who think I'm over the top on the illegal immigrant issue also includes illegals "other than Mexican".

Link from Lucianne.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Ahhh. It's So Nice To Be Home Again

The Spreadsheet Expert and I returned home tonight and guess what I did right after unloading and putting things away (well kinda putting things away) and making a few calls and yakking with the neighbors? Yep, turned on MY computer and sat down. I can now truly appreciate what it's like for those of you who are deployed and have to use a public computer. It's just weird and I had limited time so I was mostly just responding to emails and getting a bit of info. I also snuck the Spreadsheet Expert in with me to the library. After the 4th visit I noticed a sign which said no pets allowed. LOL. I tucked her into this canvas shoulder bag I have and threw a knit jacket I had with me over her and no one ever knew she was there. Although there was one time where I thought she was going to start with this wheezing thing she goes through on occassion. But she stopped luckily. I brought her into restaurants and shops and grocery stores. She was so good I was amazed.

We had a great time though. I'm just a bit spacey so don't think I'll do much here. That's what driving a 1,000 miles in a day will do to you. I've got a fun wedding to go to tomorrow and hopefully I'll have a couple pics to post if the "Patriette" Bride will give me the go ahead. And I heard from one of my adopted soldiers who got married last fall and is having a wedding reception this month in Michigan. I decided to go meet he and his bride and family. It should be fun, there's a ferry that goes from Manitowoc, WI to Ludington, MI which I'm going to take. Aside from cutting out at least 4 hours of driving, sounds like an adventure. But he is such a sweetheart or rather his Mother in Law is a sweetheart. They invited me to stay at their home. Can you believe it?

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Went out of town for a few days to relax and have some fun. So blogging will be very light all week.

Have fun and be safe and don't forget our warrior friends in far off places.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Self Portrait Friday - Guess The Box

Just ignore the bad hair, bad glasses and see if you can guess what the box is for?
BTW - you can click on the picture to get a better view for guessing. Katy - what's your guess?

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