Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wow - Susan Estrich in Defense Of Fox News

A liberal's defense of Fox News csmonitor.com

You know Susan, she's the blond lawyer with the gravelly noxious voice who's the left side of the debate. You saw her alot during the election cycle (for 2 years at least!!).

Here's some of what she has to say:
I also work there because of my respect for Roger Ailes, the man who created it, and hired me, and to whom I am extremely loyal for reasons having nothing to do with ideology and everything to do with integrity. The jabs have gotten stronger with success. No surprise there. When you get to No. 1 as fast and as impressively as Fox News has, it's a bull's-eye, and Mr. Ailes would be the last person in the world to expect his competitors to go gently.

Mr. Cavuto, a Fox News anchor, sat down to do an interview with George Bush last week on his business show. <.....>Instead, he asked him questions he didn't know the answer to, where he might get an answer he hadn't already heard. For this, he's been summarily beaten up by the press corps <.....>
Then there's Brian Wilson's great sin. In his case, the problem wasn't not asking a question, but trying too hard to ask tough ones of the Senate minority leader and the party chairman<....>Sen. Harry Reid was trying to put a perennial good face on a bad situation, while Brian Wilson was trying to puncture it. And that's what the press is supposed to do.
There's more on the Fox News commentators.

But here's the best part I think:
Three times as many people watch Fox every day as watch CNN. There were certainly times during the last campaign where I disagreed with decisions made by young Fox producers. But without exception, every time I raised an issue, I won.
I wonder if that would work with a Conservative commentator on CNN, NBC, ABC or CBS?

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