Monday, June 06, 2005

What a Cool Dog!

The best Chicago dog story ever

Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette posted this story. It's just a really neat story about an incredible Black Lab named Maya.

As soon as their front door opened, Maya blew by, knocking the Montiels over "like bowling pins," she said. Montiel went down and Michael hit a wall.

Maya bounded down all eight stairs of her front porch in one leap, aimed for the pit bull and bit.

India let go of the boy, and as he fled with his sister, the two dogs began circling each other, Montiel said. Soon, India got the best of the smaller Maya and locked onto her neck. Then, in a move police called "bizarre," India dragged Maya up the Montiels' stairs and into the home, Montiel said.

This is my protector. That's Miss Emma, she's actually belongs next door but she's adopted me and the Spreadsheet Expert. Woe to any stranger walking around on my property if Miss Emma is out and about. She's actually very gentle. Isn't Miss Emma just a beautiful baby?

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