Monday, June 20, 2005

What 65 Yrs of Brain Washing Will Do

Bill Murchison: That old black government magic

I like what Bill Murchison has to say not only about the polls of which you see a bold headline plastered across a newspage but about what Americans expect and it all boils down to:

Two generally competing philosophies -- individualism and dependency -- are fighting it out for our attention. For the nonce, dependency seems to claim the larger share of attention. That would be from habit as much as anything else.

It all comes down to a basic proposition: Government can't solve basic human problems. We only think it can, having been led to think so by decades of academic and journalistic propaganda. No government can know what's best for nearly 300 million people; only the people themselves have the slightest intuition.

For those of you who think it is governments duty to take care of you or make you happy, how is that supposed to happen? Is it by robbing from Peter to pay Paul? Do you think (or as most people would say 'feel') you are entitled to be cared for by the government? Social Security was a scam perpetrated on the gullible American public by FDR along with The New Deal. The New Deal probably extended the depression of the 1930's by at least 5 years along with creating an entitlement (read: Socialist) mentality. Take from the rich (who exactly is the "rich") and give to the poor (who exactly is the "poor").

Conservatives always talk about the degradation of our culture but in reality that degradation comes from the entitlement culture. Yes, Carter and Johnson furthered this mentality with the welfare system which plunged the state of the family for the lower income levels into a serfdom dependent on the largesse of government. This was further addled by programs in the public school systems to take care of the feeding, education and "moral" direction of children. Just what was needed, a group of union hacks deciding what was good or bad for children. So, what did we get but children learning about the religion of the environment and multiculturalism instead of reading, math, spelling, grammar and American history. So, now the union hacks are proposing to extend high school by 2 years. I'm sure that will be the answer!

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