Monday, June 13, 2005

Unilateral Self-Flagellation From Ollie North

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: Unilateral Self-Flagellation: Media Makes U.S. Look Like the Bad Guys by Oliver North

I obviously like what Ollie North has to say. Strangley enough, when he had his radio program I wasn't a fan. But I do like his commentaries. It seems to me that the rhetoric has again heated up from all sides about oh lets see: Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, we're being told most Americans don't support the war in Iraq, we're being told most Americans don't approve of President Bush's job performance, we're being told the US is baaadddd, all the left wing organizations are out their trying to protect Islamo-fascists and their "rights", we're being told the economy is baaddd.........I don't believe any of this. I had heard one of the polls taken by the Washington Post was overweighted with Democrats so the numbers themselves are very deceptive. I would like to see a smidgeon of duty and patriotism to our country and fighting soldiers from the MSM. How about trying to show the positive for a just one week on the progress in Iraq and some of the wonderful things our soldiers are doing while in a war zone. The hyper spin has been spiraling out of control for the last week or so what with Amnesty International, International Red Cross and all of the other left wing NGO's out there.

Here's what Ollie has to say:
The "Blame America First" crowd is wielding the whip. The target: Camp Delta, the U.S. Military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Spurred by a false story in Newsweek and then Amnesty International's unsupported charge that it is the "gulag of our times," Guantanamo and the people it houses have become the left's latest "cause celeb." Kofi Annan, Old Europe's old leaders, Jimmy Carter, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and most of the so-called mainstream media have now declared that the facility must be closed.
<......>The second challenge, responding to those like Jacques Chirac, Joe Biden and Fidel Castro who want to "release the detainees," should be even easier. Gen. Dick Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said this week: "If you release them or let them go back to their home countries, they would turn around and try to slit our throats, our children's throats. These are the people who took four airplanes and flew them into three buildings on Sept. 11."

Though some in the media immediately charged the general with hyperbole, he's right. Of the 247 detainees who have been released thus far, 25, more than 10 percent, are believed to have returned to the jihad.

and finally:
This is an enemy that refuses to observe any conventions, treaties or rules of warfare. They lie, cheat and violate agreements. They slice off heads like raw meat. They murder women and children. They fly airplanes into buildings.

But we're the bad guys.

Yup Ollie, that's exactly how it is being presented. Seems kinda treasonous in my view. There's got to be a fine line between freedom of speech and treason.

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