Tuesday, June 28, 2005

UN Wants Tax on Air Travel to Fund Fight Against Poverty

France, Brazil, Chile and Germany Call for Tax on Airline Tickets to Help Fight Poverty - from TBO.com

This is un.be.liev.able. The UN has been pushing for global taxes for years now and finally they see a wedge to get a "small" tax on a global basis. Of course, the UN would manage the funds from this tax I would guess. I wonder what the UN take would be on the tax, you know, a management fee like the UN had with the Iraq Oil For Food Program. This makes total sense to me after all the UN managed that program so well. And of course, France and Germany made out like bandits on the program too. What an opportunity and all in the name of poverty. How altruistic can you get? Who could possibly be against this program? I suppose those evil rightwing Conservative capitalistic Americans?

Anyone who believes this hoax deserves to be robbed. I'm sure there will be Democrats promoting for the US to join this effort regardless of the UN robbing the Oil for Food program blind.
UNITED NATIONS (AP) - France, Germany, Brazil and Chile have called for a tax on airline tickets to help finance the global fight against poverty. Such a tax makes sense because airlines benefit from globalization and pay low tax rates, and airline passengers "are rarely among the poorest citizens," Thierry Breton, France's economic minister, told a U.N. ministerial meeting on Monday.

He said the tax could be different for domestic and international travel and for economy and business seats, and it could also vary depending on a country's wealth. The proceeds would go through existing institutions "to avoid needless bureaucracy" and could be used to finance urgent programs such as vaccination campaigns or AIDS treatment.

For example, Breton said, a tax of about $6 per passenger, with a $24 surcharge for business class, would generate about $12 billion a year. That's about one-fourth the estimated annual funding shortfall for meeting U.N. development goals.

Come on now - it's ONLY $6 per passenger with a $24 surcharge for business class. $12 Billion a year for the UN to manage. Wow. Imagine how many UN bureaucrats could get rich on that! Imagine the front companies supplying aid to the UN where the funds could be siphoned to private bank accounts. All of this for an organization where there is no public transparency or public audits. But it's for Poverty!

Let's just slip this in under the radar screen while everyone is screaming about US abuses and torture at Guantanamo.

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