Friday, June 17, 2005

The True Depravity of the American Left

The events this week has elevated the true face of the Left of America.

Mustang at Social Sense has group of quotes from prominent members of the Democrat Party exposing their lies. Keep it as a bookmark since it will come in handy in the future. Thank you to Mustang for accumulating them.

CQ has a posting on The Ring of Familiarity which ties the radical left of yesterday trying to recreate yesterday today. Then CQ talks about a possible detainment center closer to home that could be seen as more problamatic than Gitmo for it's abuses.

Andi's World has an interview with George C. Landrith who's recent op/ed, "Deep Throat, Watergate and the Media" caught my attention. Not because of its theme, the inherit left-wing bias of the mainstream media, but because you devote two healthy paragraphs to the recent pronouncements of Linda Foley, President of the Newspaper Guild, who recently charged that our troops are deliberately targeting and killing journalists. This is good, Andi is keeping the Linda Foley and Eason Jordon lying about the military from fading.

Dadmanly has a posting written by his wife about her ordeal this past week due to someone breaking OpSec and emailing about the deaths of 2 officers by an NCO.

Hugh Hewitt is all over the Dick Durbin lynching of our military and the Democrat Party going along with Durbin and his treasonous rantings. Yes, I think Durbin has crossed the line and is now in league with aiding and abetting our enemy. He's the new darling of Al Jazeera. Radioblogger has the transcripts and I think does or will be getting the audio.

Mark at Schadenfreude has put together a posting on the atrocities committed by Pol Pot, Nazi's and by the Soviet Gulags. It's really a gruesome collection of horrors. Equating Gitmo is ludicrous and ignorant. It is also minimizing the true nature of the abject depravity of these regimes. Don't miss this posting and I highly suggest bookmarking it for future reference.

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