Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Survey on What Women Think About Men's Looks

Women don't mind a man losing hair

There's just so much drek out there in the news that sometimes I think I'll implode. I watch the Sunday Talking Head programs and listen to these politicians (both sides) and wouldn't give a 2 second thought to just bee_ach slapping them on the back of the head.

So here's some fluff that someone might be interested in.
Forty-eight percent of the women in the online poll for Cargo magazine say men shouldn't even worry about hair loss, while 32 recommend going with the flow and cutting all hair off. But only 1 percent suggest hiding a balding head under a cap or a comb-over.
Just a note to the guys out there - comb over, VERY BAD IDEA. You look ridiculous! Personally, I don't like a man with hair over the ears. The shorter the better. I have the long hair, not you.

Fifty-eight percent of the women say men look sexiest in jeans and a t-shirt, but they hate men in anything too trendy: 92 percent hated leather pants, 91 percent hated chest-hair-baring shirts and 76 percent hated pleats in pants.

Chest hair baring shirts - went out in the '80's ok. It's over, nobody thinks you look cool.

About 40 percent preferred a clean-shaven man, while 31 percent prefer a man with a five o'clock shadow. Only 1 percent favored a mustache.

Guess I don't have any real strong reaction to this. I'm ambivalent here although I'm not wild about a mustache and definitely don't go for the beards.

For summer, more than half of the woman prefer to see a man in nothing skimpier than bathing trunks and 58 percent say they'd rather not see men wearing sandals.
Speedos - very bad. If you have a gut or love handles definitely very bad. I don't think there's anything wrong with sandals like the Merrill's you see or even flip flops especially if you're at the beach or lake.

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