Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Scandal In Freeport - affected already by Kelo Decision

Learn About The Scandal

I heard about this on an internet radio program (Righttalkradio). Western Seafood Company is one of a number of businesses in Freeport, TX. whose property is being 'taken' by the city for a private developer. Western Seafood has been a multigeneration family business. You can read more about the developer at the link above - Learn about the Scandal. Within a day of the Kelo decision the city moved to take all the properties. I didn't exactly catch what the owner said in terms of the court lawsuit which was cancelled by the city but apparently the city decided this was no longer needed due to the SCOTUS Kelo decision.

As with the Best Buy and Richfield, MN "taking", I don't understand the public good or "purpose" (as redefined now by SCOTUS) since there's tax abatements given to the private developers. How does city tax revenue generation apply to public purpose when taxes have been abated for the new property owners but tax revenue has been eliminated from the original property owners?

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