Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Saudi's in America With Slaves - Here's An Eye-Opener

FrontPage :: Saudis Import Slaves to America by Daniel Pipes

I wish more American Blacks would open their eyes to history, such as there's more Black on Black slavery in Africa (which continues today) than there ever was in the US, Islamic/Muslim culture continues to enslave people and also slavery continues in many Asian countries.

But to have immigrants importing slaves to the US is truly disgusting.

Homaidan Ali Al-Turki, 36, and his wife, Sarah Khonaizan, 35, appear to be a model immigrant couple. Having arrived in the United States in 2000, they live with their four children in an upscale Denver suburb. Al-Turki is a graduate student in linguistics at the University of Colorado, specializing in Arabic intonation and focus prosody. He donates money to the Linguistic Society of America and is CEO of Al-Basheer Publications and Translations, a bookstore specializing in titles about Islam.

Last week, however, the FBI accused the couple of enslaving an Indonesian woman in her early 20s. For four years, reads the indictment, they created β€œa climate of fear and intimidation through rape and other means.” The slave woman cooked, cleaned, took care of children, and more for little or no pay, fearing that if she did not obey, β€œshe would suffer serious harm.”

Read the article, it's informative and interesting.

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