Monday, June 13, 2005

Retrofemales - Do Not Have Liquid In Your Mouth When Reading!

From My Position... On the way!: Retrofemales

This will send many females screaming bloody murder. I thought it was amusing and somewhat true although a bit over the top and one sided. Personally, I get pretty disgusted with women who marry into the military or National Guard and then are angry when their mate is deployed. Huh? Were they awake when they married someone in soldiering?

This was written by TC's Sarah :
If you are a stay at home mom, that’s what you chose to do. Take care of the house, take care of the kids like you are their slave, and have dinner ready when your husband gets home. (It’s your job!)

Know your role and shut up!

If you are married to someone in the military don’t try to get pity because they are overseas. I have great compassion for those wives, husbands, and families. It’s sad that war happens, but that is their job. (You chose to marry the guy.)

Know your role and shut up!

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