Saturday, June 04, 2005

Recruiting Shortfalls In Peacetime? Couldn't Be!

The Fourth Rail - Justin B.: Memorial Day Response to "Recruiting Shortfalls"

Justin makes some excellant points here about current recruiting shortfalls and talks about the shortfalls in the 90's. I'd completely forgotten about this knowing more than a few people who left the military due to the treatment by the Commander in Chief.

Patrick at Liberating Iraq has an intersting link to this article in American Daily by a Marine Corps Reservist.

Heritage Foundation study reported that during the Clinton administration “the military [was] suffering its worst personnel crisis since the draft ended in 1973. The U.S. Navy missed its recruiting goal by nearly 7,000 sailors in 1998, forcing many ships to deploy understaffed. In response, the Navy’s leadership decided in 1999 to accept a higher percentage of recruits without high school diplomas. That same year, both the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force missed their recruiting goals. As noted … only the Marine Corps, by far the
smallest of the four services, has avoided a major personnel crisis.”
The military missing recruitment quotas during war should not alarm us. It is when the military fails to meet these quotas during relatively peaceful times that should be cause for concern. As Marines and soldiers take the overwhelming majority of casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq, I am not at all distraught that the Marine Corps and Army are not meeting their recruitment goals.

Justin says: Sums that up pretty nicely. When the military cannot recruit folks during peacetime, there are real problems. And quite honestly, as a military veteran who joined and served under President Clinton, there were real problems. Morale was low and there was not a sense of purpose.
<....>If you are joining the military today, you know what is coming. It probably involves sand, heat, and car bombs. So the folks joining now are not going in with the idea that they will spend their entire careers stateside in California or North Carolina.
<....>The sad part is that there are never enough "troops"--men and women who selflessly sacrifice for others. The MSM and the left claim to "support our troops" but they surely do not "understand our troops" or "respect our troops". Rather, they look at them with disbelief and marginalize them as ignorant young kids duped into this sense of false patriotism and pride.
Go read the rest of what Justin has to say.

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