Wednesday, June 08, 2005

One Journalist Going Up Against Linda Foley of Newspaper Guild

E u p h o r i c R e a l i t y Blog - EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Hiawatha Bray

Kit has a good interview with Hiawatha Bray, he's one of two or maybe three journalists who have spoken out about Linda Foley's outrageous statements relating to US Troops deliberately targeting journalists in Iraq. She is the head of the local Boston Newpaper Guild union. The MSM has of course been almost completely silent on this and continues to allow unabated these types of inflamatory statements to be made against our Troops.

It's like there is an all out assault taking place on our military by MSM and their ilk of the left. Yes, there are a few journo's out there who have some sense of integrity and honor but they are the exception rather than the rule.

Another posting by Kit relates a posting by Hurl on seeing a CNN segment with the focus on the terrorists are winning. Read what both Kit and Hurl have to say to see just what CNN is missing and usually does miss.

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