Thursday, June 16, 2005 Limousine liberals and crime on the rise Limousine liberals and crime on the rise

Jim Pinkerton has an interesting article on NYC and it's return to days of old (pre-Rudy Guliani that is).

Do you miss the good old days of rising crime in New York City? If so, don't worry: they're coming back - courtesy, once again, of liberal judges and limousine politicians.

<....>"Police Charged Panhandlers Under Unconstitutional Law." So in The Times' view of the world, which is the view from the back seat of a limousine, this court ruling is a victory for the Constitution, pure and simple. And what of the commonsense right of people to walk the streets unmolested? The lead plaintiff-panhandler, for example, is currently facing felony raps for crack cocaine. So best get a limo, because the judge, Shira Scheindlin, ordered the immediate release of anyone who might be in custody under the old rule.

Gee - do you think this has some of the same insufferable stupidity that's happening today about Gitmo? The same type of people pleading the case for those poor, poor Islamic Terrorists?

He goes on:
By the way, one might note that the judge who liberated the panhandlers was appointed by Bill Clinton. And back then there was a prominent female lawyer in the White House, one who wielded disproportionate influence over government proceedings. That would be, of course, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Surely her role in her husband's judicial picks, and her overall jurisprudential thinking, should be explored as she seeks re-election to the Senate and perhaps higher office in 2008.

But the real issue isn't political party, it's overall philosophy. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is nominally a Republican, but he has inherited the thinking of two New York leaders of the 1960s - former Mayor John Lindsay and former Gov. Nelson Rockefeller - who were liberals first and Republicans second.

What a shame that NYC is reverting. Murderapolis (oops I mean Minneapolis) has turned into the same mentality. There are pan handlers everywhere who know there's nothing an average citizen can do to them.

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