Sunday, June 19, 2005

My Dad

Instead of doing the Self Portrait Friday (sorry Katy), I decided to focus on Father's Day.

I love this picture of my Dad. He's on his riding lawn mower so he's happy. He passed the rider on to me so whenever they come to stay with me during the summer I have him mow the lawn cause he just loves riding around on the rider. I don't even use it (ahem...I use the walk behind cause I need the exercise). Dad is one of those unique individuals who although blunt and in your face attracts people like flies. He will literally talk to anyone, anyplace. If I ever run into anyone from the area of my home town they always ask about 'Doc'. As much as they probably feared him they were drawn to him.

What he and Mom did for their brood is truly a testament to devotion to family. Their only vacation every year was to load up the station wagon with however many kids there were at that point in time and hook up the Airstream Trailer and drive to a destination in the U.S. One year we went to Boston and Montreal. Another we went to Yellowstone Park. Another we went to Dallas. Oh - the various adventures and mishaps along the way were unreal. From one of my brothers when he was five putting the car in drive and taking a cruise down a hill. To one of my sisters getting pink eye in Montreal and ending up in the hospital. Someone was always getting car sick and not making it out of the car to throw up. When we went to Yellowstone Park I got lost and they had the Park Rangers out looking for me. Course I had my cowboy boots and hat on but was so little I couldn't even see into the car window. Then when we were in Boston and Montreal they had all of us wearing burnt orange bermuda shorts....oh the horror. It was easier to spot us in a crowd. Yeah!

This is the brood he was always trying to herd (minus one). See if you can pick out the family members from the in-laws, BF's (and one ex-BF) and grandchildren.


As much as I am lucky to be able to celebrate Father's Day with my Dad I know there are many Father's who are deployed and will not be able to share the joy of this day with their spouses and children. To all of you I thank you and your family for your service and sacrifice.

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