Monday, June 06, 2005

Jivans list of Peculiaritys - "For Your Information"

jonjivan's Xanga Site - 5/31/2005 4:44:48 AM

You can't help but chuckle and burst out laughing at some of the contradictions in residing at a camp/base/fob (etal) while deployed in Iraq.

Here are a few examples:

+++Between the two rooms in my platoon’s barracks, we have 15 laptops, a dozen PS2’s and X-boxes, 8 TV’s (one a 30 inch flat panel), a theater with a projector, and no indoor plumbing.
+++The Army pays an extra $700 a month to cover my $180 rent back home
+++It takes 10 minutes to do a 180-day inspection on a pair of night vision oggles.
+++It takes 15 minutes to do the paperwork.

Side note: Jivan has a different sort of setup here regarding comments and all so I have no clue how to leave a comment or leave a tb. But he is a pretty funny guy so I still visit him to see what goofy tidbits he tells about. I did notice though he does have a significant fan base of young and good looking females. :)

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